Togetherness sucks
Old people suck
Young people suck

Home reno & decor sucks
Laundry sucks!
School sucks.
Being sick sucks
Showers suck!
Going to the movies sucks!
Being pregnant sucks!

Technology SUCKS!
insane & random status messages
Online journals & blogs suck!
Digital cameras suck?!
Computer stuff sucks
People in newsgroups suck
Piss off ebayers
Facebook sucks!

Responsibilty SUCKS!
Having a job sucks.
Annoy your coworkers
Waste time at work
how to give handshakes
Job hunting sucks

insane thoughts (& ideas)
Band names & song/album titles
things not to use as toilet paper
rules for show & tell

fashion tips for idiots
dead body faux pas

Ways to...
master bait and become a master baiter
Be a shitty roommate

Keep yourself amused while on the toilet
Avoid watching commercials
Fail driving tests
Amuse yourself at the supermarket
Use sock monkey tails.
Decorate your home  

Seasonal stuff SUCKS!
Keep warm in winter
Winter sucks
Summer sucks
Sunglasses suck
Bugs suck!
Ruin the summer vacation
Easter sucks