Facebook sucks!
Millions of people use it, half of them actually hate it. The rest are in denial.
These are some of the things and people that suck on facebook.

Every few months, there is a redesign, making it impossible to find what you're looking for easily. It just gets worse and worse.

Being suggested friends, pages and lots of other stuff that you totally hate - and even if you click the X, it just reappears again and again anyway.

People who NEVER or rarely reply to anything posted in reply to their status message. They'd rather just blab about themselves than reply to anyone - because hey, they're too IMPORTANT to bother replying to you. How about no one bothers saying anything to you anymore, and we'll all wait for your "Why doesn't anyone say anything to my status messages" post so we can ignore that too?

Privacy settings that change on you every other week, exposing you to everyone without your wanting to be.

People who don't join TheInsaneDomain facebook page.

People who 'like' tons and tons of useless pages, though they never visit them or anything.

Having EVERYTHING you post and comment on show up in your newsfeed for the world. Does everyone REALLY need to see EVERYTHING I do?! No!

People who have coworkers as their friends, and then bitch about work and their co-workers online. Worse yet is when they are the supervisor/manager and have their subordinates as 'friends' and do the same thing.

One minute you've got recent updates, the next you've got those from a week ago, hit refresh again and it's something else entirely.

People who think that because your name in is a yearbook they have somewhere, that you two should be FRIENDS.

Co-workers that can't comprehend why you want your personal life PERSONAL and you DO NOT want them as a 'friend' because you AREN'T their friend, you are their co-worker!

People who have hundreds of friends. You're not impressing anyone, and isn't it weird to be sharing your life with hundreds of people you barely know?

People who have joined TheInsaneDomain facebook page.

People who 'like' pages that are just trying to lure you in using "click LIKE to find out!" and when there is nothing, they forget to click 'unlike'.

People who post every other minute with bi-polar updates, going from happy to sad to murderous every 5 minutes. It stops being funny after one day of this.

People who make a big deal about leaving and shutting off their account, only to be back within the week.

People who have nothing better to do than sit on facebook ALL day.

People who facebook at work and then wonder why they never get any work done.

People who are drunk (or just annoying) with their BlackBerries/iPhones and while hanging out with you, take stupid photos and post them directly to facebook.

People who THINK they are great musicians/songwriters who quote themselves and use those as their status messages, bio information and so on.

People who treat facebook like their own personal reality show - having arguments, private moments and more publicized.

People who use facebook to whine and complain about everything so that others will feel sorry for them and tell them how great they are.

Notifications that notify you weeks later of something.

People who don't let their kids know that it's not cool to post photos of themselves in skimpy outfits, show what school they go to, where they work, their cell phone number and so on to their 500+ 'friends'. I really think people are blissfully unaware of online stalkers and how creepy they can truly be.

Inbox messages that are 'unable to be displayed at this time'.

People who try to add you as a friend, you ignore them and they start asking everyone around you why you won't add them.

People who see you reply to a friends status or something, and start wanting to add you as a friend, even though you have NEVER met them, have NO idea who they are or anything.

People who beg you to add them, you do and they NEVER say anything to you, so you delete them and they never notice.

People who get drunk and send you letters/posts about how your life isn't amounting to anything, so they have a scam halfway across the world that you should join in on with them.

People who get drunk and post really stupid things on all their friends/families walls all night.

People with snarky status messages about how no one cares about them, and how they aren't really 'friends' after all.

Even if you click on 'show less' of specific people who post things ALL the time, you still get pelted with their crap, while someone you wanted to 'see more of' is never heard from again.

People who create tons of groups for silly things and keep inviting you to them.

People who create their own fan pages and become a fan of themselves.

People who add every application there is and pelts you with invites.

Applications people add that fill your newsfeed with garbage until you block the whole thing.

People who update their status every 10 seconds.

People that post non-stop whining messages about their life.

People who just HAVE to comment on EVERYTHING.

Tiny little graphics that are called gifts - and somehow people actually pay a dollar for them.

The really stupid ads that repeat over and over. Why the hell can't they find some credible advertisers instead of this bullshit "Lose 20 pounds!", "Dieting secrets of celebrities.", and other pure spam.

The new layout. It sucks even worse than the last one.

People who always comment on EVERY photo of them with "ew what a horrible picture of me".

Seeing pictures of other people having fun without you.

People who have inside jokes for their status messages and never explain any of them.

People who ignore everything you post.

People who want you to add you as a friend, you do and you never hear from them again until you remove them and they ask why you removed them.

People who post bullshit to your profile in the hopes that you'll be embarrassed or something.

People who tag you as being in a photo, when it's not you.

People who post photos of you without your permission but you don't want to look like a jerk asking them to remove it publicly.

People who refuse to remove photos of you from their albums.

People who take photos of you, photoshop them and then post them, just to piss you off.

People in your family who DEMAND to be added and get all bitchy when you don't.

People who post billions of photos every day without editing out the blurred ones etc.

Knowing it's a waste of time, but still visiting it every few hours.

People who have no concept of the meaning of privacy, and have no privacy settings set so that EVERYONE sees EVERYTHING they do. Has no one else ever dealt with online stalkers?!

People who use facebook to bully others, make fun of people they know or anything else nasty.

When you're waiting for a reply from someone and see them replying to tons of other things, posting about nonsense and yet you're still being ignored.

People who keep inviting you to events that are taking place half a world away.

People who keep posting bullshit links to your wall.

People who change their profile photo EVERY day, or every hour.

Notifications that don't show up until hours after they should have.

Notifications that show up over and over all week.

Not being able to get rid of that horrible blue colour.

A box that asks you what you're thinking, when it used to be your status message.

People who only post about themselves all the time on everyone else's photos, statuses and such.

People who whine about their kids non-stop and expect sympathy every time. Hey, YOU are the one who decided to have them!

People who post SO many youtube links, but never explain what they are to or why you should even bother looking.

People that post too many youtube links.

Getting fed up with people and not being able to remove them as a friend because they are a family member and the fallout would be worse than just ignoring what they wrote.

Giving someone the benefit of the doubt that they're not purposely ignoring all your posts, so you post something again after months of not, and they ignore it.

Caring about what stupid facebook friends/family ignore or not.

People who 'like' everything and anything.

People who let their kids use Farmville and other stupid applications, and you end up getting spammed over and over again with requests to join so that the kid can get more land or pets or whatever.