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Date: Fri Jan 6 2006
From: Diane T
Hello Folks! I've just read your entire web- site, and I gotta tell you: I laughed so much, I almost peed myelf. I was feeling lousy all evening, and now, at 3:52 in the morning, I feel great! I especially like the article, on saving plastic bags. Are they really worth money? I would enjoy writing an article for your site. I like it enough to add it to my favorites. Thanks, for allowing me to bother you. I'll write again, soon, and bother you some more. Web-Sites like this one, are worth sitting up all night, to read, reflect, and laugh at! Thanks Again, for making my day....

Date: Tue Jan 31 2006
From : Kelly
Hi ya site kicks ass! U should put more killing the sims on ya site keep up the good work.

Date: Sun Mar 12 2006
From: London
Lmao, This Site is teh awsome. Omg Lyke I love Sock Monkeys. They are lyke so so koolio

Date: Thu Mar 23 2006
From: PRchick
I take great offense at George's rants about America. I would gladly let him crash at my place for a couple weeks so he could see we're not all fat and obnoxious, any more than he has bad teeth.

Date: Fri Mar 24 2006
From: me
i want to know if your looking for anymore tid members, i have alot of free time before work and wouldnt mind spending it either answering stupid questions or ranting about anything, im american but i hate america because its a nation of retards, freaks and idiots so if your interested in having somone on the inside of all this shit im your man.

Date: Sat May 27 2006
From: brooke p
you lier horses are not at all like that i been around them all my life and they cant write letters you fat asses horses kick your assesgood

Date: Thu Jun 1 2006
From: The horses
We LOVE your article JCP!

Date: Sat Jun 3 2006
From: -me
The dinosaur is fucking awesome. -Chris

Date: Wed Jul 26 2006
From: mad_patrol
your site is really insane AND mad!!!i love it!

Date: Sat Jul 29 2006
From: fraggile and steptoe
i ride my bike whilst having abnormal feelings

Date: Tue Aug 1 2006
From: mad_patrol
You rock!!!

Date: Fri Aug 18 2006
From: I'm Smus
This has to do with drunkennewfiemidget's rant on traffic laws. A-fucking-men to that. There are some shitty drivers out there who should be forced to ride a bicycle becuase of their stupidity. But then again, I wouldn't trust them to ride one, becuase their just that idiotic. Just wanted to give you some positive feed back. You always have good rants. You make me smile on the inside, and then want to hurt people :P Smus

Date: Mon Aug 21 2006
From: your worst nightmare (for real)
About your rant on "old people". The alternative to growing old is dying young so go die already.

Date: Mon Aug 21 2006
From: mad_patrol
I really like this website and I really hope that it will never change!

Date: Wed Aug 23 2006
From: Sam
Good post - fuck Tom Cruise and his small scientology cock.

Date: Thu Aug 24 2006
From: Christina
Hello, Please remove information regarding feeding ducks bread or i'll kick your virtual ass. It is VERY BAD FOR THEM!! The ducks require the nutrition which natural food found at the lake provides, which they can find themselves but can't be fucked cos people bring food for them. Feeding them bread deprives them of these nutrients, causing deformities in the babies, malnutrition, immune deficiency, and throwing it in the water contaminates it and causes outbreaks of botulism where shit loads of ducks die in a very nasty way. In conclusion, BREAD+DUCKS=DEATH. Thankyou.

Date: Thu Aug 24 2006
From: mad_patrol
One of my dream is to join your insane community!

Date: Fri Oct 20 2006
From: Insaneone
I Agree with you i mean if they cut the drivieing age from 16 to 18 thats about 500 thousand less cars on the road anywhere if they also made the max dirveing age 60 - 70 within a test that would lower drives on the road also if they made cars more girls then the guys too proud of their "manlyness" wont be driveing them on the road or at all cutting the cars on the road down even more it would regulate a nice fow of traffic not to a slow crawl or a dead stop it would be about the normall dirveing speed onnthe spgns depends on where you live and the merger lane for the on ramp should be ALOT shorter for less change of idiots forgetting they have to merge

Date: Fri Oct 20 2006
From: George
People who suck: What do you think about those bitches on Brizezilla. What a bunch of whining, hapless, self centered pieces of garbage Thanks for the forum George

Date: Sat Nov 11 2006
From: phil s
i read Make Way For Ducklings (McClosky) to four year olds in libraries. in the story, McClosky has people feeding ducks peanuts. i don't want to give the kids the wrong impression: is it OK to feed peanuts to ducks? thanks, phil