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From: D@l!Y
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2003
I just have to say that this is the best site ever...and i almost pissed my pants laughing....GOOD JOB!!!

From: a bored artist in a bad mood
Date: Sunday, March 30, 2003
im laughing so hard right now. Ilove this sight. Im having extreme artist block right now and i have a portfolio due in 6 days!!! You gave me no inspiration at all (considering that my concentration is about contraversial political and social issues) but you did however put me in a great mood. Thanks! Im such a dork! But whatever. Email me and give me a quick idea about what i can do. Maybe one issue i can do is porn. (i dont think ill be accpted into college though if i do a painting about that though right) I dont know. But again, whatever.

From: SiNiSTaR
Date: Monday, March 31, 2003
I think the picture of the dead fly in the diseased cup is VERY cool. very artsy fartsy. I liked it so much i actually made the effort to let you know. :) me likey.

From: eva P.
Date: Friday, April 25, 2003
You guys are really interesting in a discolored rubber duckie sort of way. i wish i could have a insane domain in my state (hint hint, i may ask for rights to page off in the future), that would make my world a leetle more glowie and introverted in a computer screen way. But i'd love it any way. I am heading for college (The Evergreen state), and i want a horrible scary reputation, for the sake of alienating normal people. I got my first sock monkey when i was 2, he was already in his 40's, and he stayed in good condition. am i qualified to earn your possibly falsified quasi-respect, and maybe a response aboot your branch site policies? Yay. sprinkles are underappriciated, yes, no?

From: TheAmazingInsaneBrittneyFuckface
Date: Saturday, May 03, 2003
YOUR SITE IS WAY TO FUCKING COOL. I LOVE YOU!!!! TEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHA!!!!!! (yes,I literally am psycotic. Its clinically proven, but so what? I dont harm THAT many people a day...)

From: whitney a.k.a. PHOENIXcherry13
Date: Wednesday, May 07, 2003
This is the funniest stuff i have ever seen in my life and as of right now i am a regular memeber or whatever the hell you wanna call it!

From: Leslie
Date: Wednesday, May 14, 2003
I love your site. Everything in there is hilariously true!

From: nikki and adrienne
Date: Sunday, June 08, 2003
We think you are the greatest We have the picture of the sock monkey with the blond wig and the big red lips as our screen saver we gave her the best name her name is SWOCKRA and we love her we talk about her to other people like shes apart of our crew....Swockra stands for sweaty sock and ra on the end so she would be a female sock monkey SWOCKRA!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wanna know if you have t-shirts that we can have with her picture on the front or back we love you guys so much keep up the great work you rule!!!!

From: leigh
Date: Wednesday, July 09, 2003
i'm addicted to your site. i should have not search on being thin since i'm not fat or even have the tendency. so DC,u collect stuff toys huh! i saw all your monkey friends, the trolls, the puppet, etc. really nice. not the porn star yet though.

From: Ben Sherman
Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003
use one of your pictures on a self made chap book of poetry, giving credit to the web site on the back? not definite if i will use it, but so far its the only thing i've found. something about stuffed animals humping seems to fit this work so well... i will be charging a dollar or two for the chapbook (6 pages) to pay for printing, and any "profits" (30-50 cents) will go into the ben sherman beer and tuition fund. thank you.

For: JCP From: leigh
Date: Tuesday, August 05, 2003
hey, i just read your FORCED COLLECTION article. i liked it. its very true. speaking from experience here. i once told my friends that my fav color is green because it soothes the eye when tired and i end up receiving all the greens in the world. ca you imagine that...not even thinking if i like those items for as long as its green. anyway, salute to you! :)

From: Some sad person who was forced by the horses to send this in and could leave no name/email
Date: Aug 28 2003

u stupid asses, u no nothin about horses, for one, there are many reasons a horse can refuse a jump, one it might be to high and you are moving to fast, 2, it might be lame(if you knew anything, lame means where a horse is hurt in its legs.) i would hardly consider trotting off vicios either. equestrian is a sport that is very difficult and takes years of trianing, and it take a team between horse and rider. horses show effection just like other animals do, and if you are talking about horses, dogs could be just as bad, if not worse. and most of the time, its the riders fault. and dont go of saying shit about the rodeo, those horses are abused and only buck because they have rope tied around their abdomen and its iritating, theyre just trying to get it off. and equestrian is the best and most difficult sport out there, and it takes alot of skill and determination. so dont go off saying shit about horses if you dont know anything about them! take it from someone who knows.
Have you heard of this thing people do called "HUMOR"? Seriously, you should check it out. People who the horses like can come visit them in their country. Since you like them so much, but have no sense of humor, the horses don't want you to visit until you take some time to get one. It's as fun as horses, and so you know, those horses who I've read this article to found it FUNNY. Horses - they'd give you the finger if they didn't have hooves. - JCP

From: SlaveScream
Date: Wednesday, September 03, 2003

What a fine fucking site you guys created here...........

From: Enfante Terrible
Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I'm so late but, Forced Collecting is brilliant. Thank you JCP.

From: Empriss Nikon
Date: Thursday, September 18, 2003

just wanted you to know i've been visiting the site for 3 years now and you still suck. keep up the good work!

From: leigh
Date: Thursday, September 25, 2003
hey there whoever you are, what happened to the main page? i dont think i like it. never mind me though, its just me(again) and my big mouth!

From: Mzebonga
Date: Tuesday, September 30, 2003
It's not like I have anything better to do... And, dammit, I wrote you a story a year ago and you still don't want it.

From: Fruciante
Date: Sunday, October 05, 2003
Why don't u put up some of the negative feedback it would be good to hear everyones opinion. Censorship sucks.

From: a curious bird feeder
Date: Monday, October 13, 2003
I was feeding some ducks at a local park and this woman came up to me saying that feeding bread is VERY unhealthy for the ducks especially white bread because the starch of the bread sticks to their stomach and eventually their throat causing them to die earlier. I just want to ask if this is true or not?
*OK the reality is that it's not good to throw bread at the ducks. Basically if they are wild ducks, you shouldn't be feeding them at all. If you must, then phone a bird feed store or the local wildlife people and find out what would be good to feed them. - JCP

From: DeadlyNightshade
Date: Sunday, November 16, 2003
hey, ur site iz well kwl, specialli d DC qs n answers!! - Becki

From: crazycarl
Date: Monday, November 17, 2003
Car Stereos with to much bass do not suck.
Yes they do, and so do you for liking them. - JCP

From: Gibbo
Date: Saturday, December 20, 2003
Hey there! I'm a big fan of the site and in the past week or so have somehow managed to read pretty much every frickin' page here... my eyes hurt a bit more than usual as a result, but it was worth it... apart from the the times I got hiccups; that really sucked. But anyway, I'll get on with the thing now... I've read all the interviews, and was wondering if it was actually possible to get an interview this way, or if you just picked random people from the street or emailed a random address or something. If your standards aren't too high perhaps you'd like to give a moron a chance... you can interview me on anything you want, even if it's completely stupid; I'll just go with it... it's for the good of the site after all. Will I get an actual question 10 seeing as I'm special? Thanks for your time, Gibbo
Sure we'll interview random people! We've sent you 10 questions. Or have we? - JCP