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Date: Tue Jan 4 15:25:05 2005
From: b_write
i love this site. i was just runnin through the crazy world of internet and ran upon this. it's amazing. i love it, it's so cool that ur into it too!

Date: Sun Jan 9 20:59:54 2005
From: nobody worth noting
i enjoy your site

Date: Mon Jan 10 16:31:18 2005
From: Mzebonga's Dad!
Its a crazy old world ain't it guys!!!

Date: Mon Jan 17 21:40:08 2005
From: downunder
hey there jcp...hope you are able to keep your toes warm up north in snow country

Date: Sun Jan 23 20:43:22 2005
From: Bart
Hello, This is some of the funniest material I have read on the Internet in quite some time. Very funny lists! There were entries that I laughed out loud at, especially about old people. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your time.

Date: Wed Jan 26 19:32:37 2005
From: bluemonkeyfearer
Hi there! I finally managed to do the impossible and create an unbelievably lame weblog thingy, so the first thing I did was use one of the lovely TID community member pics as my profile picture-ish thing. Sooo...I shall use my page of lame insanity as a tool to spread theinsanedomain.

Date: Thu Mar 10 12:54:12 2005
From: Fucking Jesus Christ
You fucking shit head cunt monkeys! I came here looking for porn and all I got was lousy bitching about things that suck, like your mom! LOL! (true story)This is an amateurly built dick faced, ass smellin, hermaphrodite website. i hope your site burns in hell. Damn you and your lack of porn! Don't beleive in hell? it's still there, you're still going!

Date: Tue Apr 12 21:12:00 2005
From: Eileen
This is the best site I've ever visited. I searched for sock monkeys as I want to make an Opera Monkey for my husband and needed to see how to make one. Well I found the instructions on another site but yours is far more fun. When I make my monkey I'll send his picture to you! (I normally make teddy bears but geez these monkeys seem to have a helluva lot more FUN!!!)

Date: Sat Apr 16 21:58:20 2005
From: Me
lmfao this website kicks major ass!! i was so entertaing all fucking day! this is great whoever invented this is a genius...i love you guys. On the list of ppl that suck you should put People with retarded skiing/swimming goggles tans.. they look retarded and should be forced to wear masks. much love, -Me

Date: Thu Jun 2 22:46:58 2005
From: pain slave
I liked the interview about face standing.I would like to have a woman stand on my face for long peiods of time,Hell I would also like her kick and stomp the crap out of me. I have always wanted to know what it would be like to have a woman in pointed toe dress shoes kick me right in the nuts.

Date: Fri Jul 15 22:43:27 2005
From: George
Hello you crazy fucking people. Can I just say that you are without a doubt the most insane rabble in the world, you are now honarary English people, the highest honour that can be bestown on ANYONE. I love you all, ESPECIALLY herbert, who I think should teach Mzebonga how to love.

Date: Tue Aug 2 01:40:03 2005
From : Bart
I fucking love sock monkeys fucking.

Date : Thu Aug 4 13:38:33 2005
From : Qbryzan
I managed to acquire some bootleg Mr. Bungle shows - anyone interested? I appreciate the advance warning, but I'm afraid I am incapable of not being foolish. Hopefully there is some gray area between no contact and pinecone-ing, perhaps a pie in the face, or being tied up and forced to listed to Ann Coulter? Actually, on second thought, I'd rather be pineconed than listed to Ann Coulter. But I do like Pie. Your site, as always, is entertaining and unique and stands out amoung the vast ocean of mediocrity that the Internet has managed to produce. And the red and black is pretty.

Date: Sun Sep 11 14:53:34 2005
From : Jasmine
UR A ASSHOLE I AM 14 BUT I STILL THINK UR A A** U ARE LIKE A OLD FART WITH NO LIFE U ACT LIKE U WERE NEVER YOUNG FROM THE LOOKS OF THIS STUPID SITE U SOUND LIKE UR 2 grow up! & go to hell if u don't like young people thats ur problem & go f urself u stupid cunt

Date: Sun Sep 18 01:38:20 2005
From : WoodlandOne
I laughed. I snorted. I woke up sleeping people. I got yelled at. But it was worth it. Thanks for validating my opinion that You People Suck! I am no longer alone in this universe of stupidity. People who ASSUME SUCK! That is why I am here tonight. They ASSUME they have the answers. They ASSUME they know who you are and why you do what you do. They ASSUME that the best way to get thier disapointments in you accross is to post something "annomously" about you on the internet. Knowing full well you would see it and get pissed off because they ASSUMED WRONG! I'd like some of those aforementioned pine cones Fed Exed to her and placed accordingly. What a snotty selfish two faced bitch! So sanctimonious and pious - yet the worst example of a "christian" I have ever met! Any way I got to vent tonight and read other examples of idiots who should stop wasting precious air and space because they SUCK! Gracious`

Date : Sun Oct 9 17:15:39 2005
From: im an evil scotsman
your a google whack! antidisastablishment pan :D check it dudes

Date: Sun Oct 9 17:18:59 2005
From: the same evil scots man
jus google whacked u twice in 5 mins :s creppy... antidisastablishment vegetable

Date: Wed Oct 12 11:54:16 2005
From: Jacky Lee
Hi JCP, I would like to enquire if it's possible to use one of your article for a new site I'm building. Generally it's about a general collecting site which will be available. It's not ready yet as I'm currently looking for articles which can be added to the new site. The article I would like to use if 'Forced Collecting'. It's definitely one of the best article I have read. (No kidding). What I will do is to provide a link back to your site with the article. Do sincerely hope to hear from you.

Date: Sun Oct 30 19:56:14 2005
From: Angie
Thank you for the nose picking artical. My boyfriend has that habbit and refused to believe that there is a "right" way to pick your nose. Thank you for showing him the way

Date: Tue Nov 1 03:54:20 2005
From : Seriah
Linked you on our page, we use your odd questionaires for inspiration when we interview bands on our radio show. You are on our main page, not in the links section, look down below the weekly fun pic...