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Date: Sun Jan 20 2008
From: merrily s
Dear JCP. The bed frame broke, so I had to haul everything out from under it to facilitate repairs. Lots of collector-quality (by your description of handles, etc.) plastic bags from various spots around the world (not Canada, no offense) spanning ca 3 decades. Am ready to divest. So who's crazy enough to collect these things, and how can I get in touch with them? The Smithsonian Institution hung up on me. M

Date: Wed Feb 20 2008
From: Grandma Ellie in FLorida
Love your "old people suck"...wait...I am an old people. I have dentures, grow hair in many undesirable places, and hug my grandchildren (7 of them). However I do not pinch, and they always tell me "you smell so GOOD'. It could be thAT i AM BAKING COOKIES OR HOMEMADE BREAD, OR THAT i ADVOCATE THE USE OF A SHOWER AND DEODORANT...DIFFICULT CHOICE. Anyhoo, I am just before baby boomer generation, my lifelong best friend is from Newfoundland, and although she lives across the continent from me (I am in Florida, USA, she is in New Mexico, USA) We keep in touch, and believe me we shared some of the same complaints with our elders that your list details!! Be it known I also buy drugs from ones... thanks for the grins and giggles I had reading your site, and you should know there would be some who would bash you just to get the pinecone treatment. Huggles, Grandma Ellie in FLorida
Thanks Grandma Ellie - YOU ROCK! - JCP