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We didn't have this up and running for most of 2007 - but that's okay, we knew we rocked anyway.

Date: Wed Jan 24 2007
From: jackie
First of all I have to say you guys fucking rock my socks off. Since it seems you guys are the ones to ask about sock monkeys thought maybe you could point me in a direction. I have been looking for about 3 years for a sock monkey to replace faithless. He was a red sock monkey with a white stomach and white feet/paws and tail tip. I have looked everywhere I possibly could think of on the net and in the "real world" He was my ex's industrial monkey and after we broke up I gave him back and after 12 years he has been lost. I just want to replace him (not that he could be replaced faithless was irreplaceable) and maybe start a new tradition after refinding each other after 12 years. thanks and like I said this site rocks-
Sorry - we don't have any sock monkeys for adoption at this time! I'm sorry to hear your sock monkey was lost - that sucks :( - JCP