some of the feedback we've gotten from you freaks
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From: Aoife
Date: 10/3/99
lalala. you guys kick lots and lots of ass. it makes me happy to see a funky site like this. i'm not having a good day. or week, for that matter. what are you doing for y2k new years? i want to do something bigbigbig. lalala. i have nerd-chic glasses on and no socks. byebye!!! love, aoife

From: Hayley
Date: 10/8/99
Hi, You guys are pretty weird and your site is even freaky-er different and I think its cool

From: A fellow insane person
Date: 10/13/99
Cool, no let me refraise that...awesome.

From: zeeman
Date: 10/15/99
It good to know that even though I live alone in the confines of the walls of my own erection I am not alone. The insane have more truth in them then most have teeth. Or eyes how many eyes can you can you see on a golfball tree? I have just found this new world and it seems in order it is much fun. And it's free not like a shit movie. I am learning english at the moment so excuse any mistakes. My own tounge is pale in colour.

From: alice
Date: 27 Oct 1999
i tried to find out who "DC" is and this is where i ended up??!!?? go figure!! well, i came, i saw, and i am still confused!!ummm...yeah....the sites cool.

From: Magpie
Date: 29 Oct 1999
Normal people worry me. All Robots with Human shells,Fake & Spongy, brainwashed by textbooks and their narrow ideas of "normalcy". They scare me. This site is great! I think it will hold me in good company until *they* come back for me.

From: LivingDeadGirl
Date: 30 Oct 1999
Were am I? What am I doing here? Who are you people!!!

From: Sir KazZerkofF-koO
Date: 30 Oct 1999
whoop whoop, i give this page 12 and 1/2 thumbs up!! its better than eating fish with a spork!!! SPORK!!!! ahhhhhhh, the big bunny is after me again!!! i am milk, gurgle gurgle muwaHahAhAhAhAhAhAhAhAhA!!! gosh golly cheese pet ice cube bob is call me...musteeeee go!

From: Dirk Dupon
Date: 05 Nov 1999
When we say weird, we mean WEIRD!

From: demonboy
Date: 09 Nov 1999
happy clown,happy clown...boom,boom...dead clown,dead happy,me happy:-}

From: Lacey Wilson
Date: 17 Nov 1999
The sock monkeys made me come here, but I like it.

From: Nikki
Date: 17 Nov 1999
insanity? how can you not worship sock monkeys? everyone knows at least one sock monkey. ..... i wont tell you what i do with mine, but let me just say that you're in good hands when youre with a sock monkey.

From: J5654654764
Date: 21 Nov 1999
This website kicks ass!!

From: crazy kitty
Date: 04 Dec 1999
nice page tho you need to get new conversations and shit like that. :) good job

From: bambie
Date: 04 Dec 1999
this is a really qool website! very unusual.... the new barbie dolls are my favorite!! i just might have to make a copy and share it with my friends! keep up the good work! oh, yeah... have you considered entering to win awards for your website? you realy should. e-mail me and i'll fill you in!

From: Acid
Date: 05 Dec 1999
I like this page. It smells nice.

From: Lacey
Date: 17 Dec 1999
I love this place!! come back whenever i can.