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From: Some poor loser who can't even put their name.
Date: Saturday, January 03, 2004
your site really sucks...the sad thing is that you probably actually believe you're contributing something
thanks for coming out... it's people like you that let us know we're doing our jobs - DC

From: harbingerofhell
Date: January 2004
I have never seen such a site and it is the most original shit I have witnessed online. Screw whatever those assholes that don't like this site say. They're all going to hell and I'm gonna save them a front row seat at the orientation. The master will be most appreciative of u guys. Maybe we can work out a deal with u guys to keep our count of lost souls up........Keep up the bad work and make us proud down here.....harbingerofhell
Awww thanks! - JCP

From: Enfante Terrible
Date: Wed Feb 11 14:17:23 2004
JCP, Thanks for kicking ass on that Perfect Girls Don't Suck Dick piece. It should be assigned reading in Women's Literature classes in every University. Better yet, get 'em early, like junior high. It's a true classic.

From: a Houstonian
Thu Feb 19 11:27:21 2004
I'm a pretty open guy, and I'm just curious about the purpose of your website. I just want to understand what its for? Is there suppose to be a point or not really? If there's not a real theme or purpose that's cool too, but I just wish that was stated somewhere in the "all about us" section. Thanks for any guidance you can give. Best regards (and I hope you don't think I'm being foolish.) Gio (from Houston).
The purpose? Isn't it obvious? ENTERTAINMENT. I'm not sure how this escaped you, but there are a lot of people out there who enjoy reading things like this website. So the point is to amuse ourselves, and perhaps some other people out there who have a sense of humor that is like ours. Isn't that enough? - JCP

From: Mzebonga
Date: Sat Feb 21 11:48:06 2004
I think more of that Mzebonga chap is required... He's a sexy, witty, masterful example of the male gender... I think you should interview him too...

From: justamere
Date: Fri Mar 12 16:51:25 2004
I read it (Nothing Really) all the time....but even then, maybe you are just talking to yourself

From: Becca (Hufflebunny)
Date: Sat Mar 27 15:56:31 2004
hiya, i love your site, you should put a thing on the pages with pictures, and if people try and copy and paste, using the right click button, u can put a code on the site and they can't press the right mouse button.. ttyl
Thanks for the suggestion! However, there are many ways around that code, and we don't mind people downloading them, we encourage it! We don't want them using the images hosted on our servers, we want them to download them onto their own webspace. We're changing a lot of the graphics so that you HAVE to download the zip to get them. :) -JCP

From: Nicole
Date: Sun Apr 11 05:42:33 2004
I hate You! j/k What's up cuz? I though I would give you another hit, so you can have 3,000,000,001 hits this year!!!!! Your domain is soooooooooo cool- but I don't understand your wierdness- hit me up and do some explaining. Take care, hugs!! Bye---Nicole
I try to email you and I think AOhelL is being a bitch because it seems you don't get any of them! -JCP

From: bluemonkeyfearer
Date: Fri Apr 16 10:43:18 2004
I must say, this website has truely changed my life. Just to go into the questionnaire/ what if results and find out that I have recieved not onl one but TWO good answer awards just makes my day happy, even if my weekdays ARE spent at school. Thank you to the creaters of the Insane Domain!!!!!

From: Mzebonga
Date: Thu May 13 15:04:54 2004
Mzebonga... Hey! More Mzebonga! Mzebonga... Hey! Stay a while longer. Mzebonga... Hey! Without him it wronger. Mzebonga... Hey! Shitty crap song-a.

From: Brandon
Date: Mon May 17 02:29:15 2004
I think your site holds great knowledge and you understand a lot about life which a lot of people don't understand (like having too many kids section). Keep the good work up!

From: Nat
Date: Mon May 17 05:34:40 2004
Hi: I absolutely adore your site and was wondering if you would consider sockmonkey poetry and artwork. thanks for your time
Well we've been getting more people wanting to send in things, so I'm coming up with something to put them all in. I will email you once I've figured it out and then you can send it into us.-JCP

From: julia glew
Date: Fri May 28 08:33:44 2004
I really like your website it is pretty awesome . Well it is really dark . For me anyway . I'm 17 and a senior in high school. I am that girl at school that is very sterotype . I wear tight jeans and pink everyday and a lot of makeup and I am a really big bitch . Me and all of my friends love your website it is halarious . I really liked things to do to your roomate and the reasons why work sucks .

From: Becca (Hufflebunny, again)
Date: Fri Jun 11 15:55:36 2004
I just want to thank you for putting the "Annoy your roommate" list up, It came in quite useful when I went on a class trip for a week and I was sharing a room with People i'm not particularly fond of, My favorite one was -Respond to everything they say with a question. Thanks again, for making my week bearable. Your site is awesome and the best damn waste of time since the Weather Network!

Date: Fri Jun 25 23:20:10 2004
ive got a qustion were did canada cum from and wy doas it suck so freakin much , i like canadiens just not canada it is so stupid if america would just blow it up i would be a lot happier and so would the rest of the canada hatin world (everyone else) and u all are idiots ho should and will be shot
You suck, so do us all a favor and sterlize yourself and all your friends.-JCP

From: b_d_s_monkey
Date: Wed Sep 15 03:58:25 2004
HEY! I used to be on yer list n get updates all the time! But then I started getting nothing. This made me sad. Then I forgot about U. Well, I left myself a note last (2003) july to remember to go check out yer site n see WTF happened. Well, I finally took my advice, and U are now linked on my site . . . the only site I have is my live journal, but hey, there it is! so will I be on the mailing list again?
We're working on this! Thank you for reminding me about it. - JCP

From: Alicia Tyler
Date: Sat Sep 18 10:30:40 2004
I am going to link you to my site. I love the killing sims part.Thanks for making it!!

From: loz n bex
Date: Fri Sep 24 14:28:51 2004
did u know this website is a googlewhack?! type in "antidisasablishmentarism doodle" into this is the only website that will come up.

From: Eclips
Date: Fri Nov 5 15:18:12 2004
Man this site RULES!!!!! i love it!!!! sims starving and all that other shit! Dude! This site is way cool!!! LOL I lik the stories about the shrink! ^_^ You act like me! I like that! You gave me ideas to do to my time i'll throw a book at her!

From: bluemonkeyfearer
Date: Wed Nov 24 11:10:16 2004
Hi I am here. I do not know why I am sending feedback. However, there are many things I do not know at the moment on account of the flu and the jamming of my brain gears. Hi TheInsaneDomain!!! Why do I come to this site every day when I know that it takes at least a week to update the insane questions lately.... I think more people should ask questions so that the magical *InsaneDomain Creators* will be forced to answer more quickly... or they should just all quit their jobs so they have endless free time to work on the site. woohoo.
If you could arrange that we're paid to answer questions every day, then absolutely we would! Then again, Herbert would have to be fired, as he's too lazy to answer every day. At best I think he could handle every 3 days. Pay me to though, and I'll do it. - JCP