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From: NiTsChKe BoY
Date: 11 Jan 2000
This site is great. Very amusing indeed. The monkey's were right, they are smarter than u think they are..... believe me..... i know.....

From: demonboy
Date: 11 Jan 2000
the monkeys are puting my kids through collage! anyways,this site should hence be known as "the site where ideas come to die" p.s. what you guys do takes guts...NO! it takes more than guts,it takes sheer unrelenting hatered for all that is good and decent. "_"

From: i dont have 1 why
Date: 16 Jan 2000
good old purple chicken knews every thing 2 bad my cat had 2 eat him b/c he thought that he was evil anyways this site kicks asss O no run theres a 1ft monster with a toothpick ooo nooo

From: you'll never know hahahaha
Date: 16 Jan 2000
Im only doing this 4 the money 4 i can relese my plan 2 take over the world whahahahaha lallalalalalal ahhhhhh this site is a good site this site is a wonderful site this site is a wicked site this site is a wicked cool site.=) well im off 2 go finish the last details of my plan see u all in hell.whahaha

From: kara langley
Date: 05 Feb 2000
This site is DOPE! Finally something that makes sense in this conformist zombie walking bible thumping stupid-ass fucking world! I love this site,oh and my best friend skitzo thinks so too.

From: Sally
Date: 09 Feb 2000
I loved your site, it's very interesting compared to other sites and definetly not boring. I love DC, he has a different out look on life,which is cool. Who wants to be normal its so boring.

From: Erin
Date: 11 Feb 2000
this site is damn smooth. i told my frog once he hated nazis but then he said sieg heil and i got scared to i shot him and his intestines were shot through the air with such projectile force that i was required to run away screaming that albertson's is MY store, not your store, you mutherfucker and then i jumped into my swimming pool and ate some tapioca pudding and then i found out that it really WAS fish eyes inside the pudding and then my accordian started playing by itself, and that was way fuckin scary.

From: Sally 20
Date: Feb 2000
This SITE keeps getter better and better and me well I keep becoming more insane. I think the pink elf eats my socks too, she eats the ones so you don't have pairs anymore you just have no pairs DAMN that elf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!heheheheheI'LL GET HER!!MUHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I still love DC!!

From: liz 24
Date: Feb 2000
this site is damn cool. except whenever i ocme here i get overrun with those damn green weasels. they just keep coming...get them off me! THEY'RE BITING ME!! GET THE HELL OFF ME YOU BASTERDS!!!

From: nicola 01
Date: Mar 2000
this is a kinda cool site

From: Carla Nugent
Date: 20 Mar 2000
This site kicks ass!!!

From: ~*JULES*~
Date: 27 Mar 2000
uhhhh this page rules large ass!!!! lol i almost fell off my seat! (that's right .....almost)