Insane thoughts & ideas
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Bite sized insanity for you to chew on and then spit out.

The stench of stupidity takes another victim.

I love being a precedent.

well i'd want the paper bag removed... why would i do it without seeing what happens? 
and i could never jump from that far up and land on your face in a way that wouldn't hurt me.

I can take clay and mold it to look like a human, does that make it so?
I can shape the clay like a human and put a computer that acts like a human in it... is it human?
When you watch TV and see computer generated characters that are human... does that mean they are human?

the less they have to screw around with... the better

So that was that.

"Hello... I am the Domain's answering machine. What are you?"

Bonjour... Ca Va? Who cares?

Sometimes the hate possesses me and I feel like reaching over and punching him in his nose.

With a kiss and a smile, the hamburger crumbled.

I hate even the way he blinks.

The great pink butt, it ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be, ain't what it used to be...

Speed Demon... chained together by your hands... save me... from the torture of my glands

Loot the coma victim.

Orange isn't fun.

When I see you, I want to puke.

I think of your fingernails and how much I'd like to rip them out one by one.

I thought of your hair and how I'd like to tie it to the back of a truck and drag you around.

Sometimes I wonder.

Blaine the train is nothing but a pain.

The monkey scratched his head... then moved on.

Sometimes when the paint looks wet, it's not. It is just shiny.

Last year it was dark at this time.

It hurts with a lot of pain.

I am ROBOT... hear me beep.

Is there storage space?

If I made that screeching sound again... will you pat my head?

I thought that the regression was just a dream. He said it wasn't, but I couldn't be sure.
It was like a leading question, only with daydreams. What to make of it?
I don't know. The others believed and were moved by it. I was unsure.
Laying in the dark I was relaxed, but was still questioning the whole thing.
Can it be done? Is it imagination? Can I believe? Who can be sure? I'm not.
I take it as a day dream. Maybe one day I'll re-think the whole thing, but I'm content with my decision right now.
It's a nice idea, but not for me. 

There was an igloo there, but no one really noticed until it had melted.  Then they all felt sad.

Damn that monkey! He stole my baby!


Oh look! It's Biff the level 5 boss! And he has a hostage! Let's save her!

Once, upon a time, I could touch myself.
Once, upon a time, I loved you.
Once, upon a time, I lost my arm.
Once upon a time, you were attached to me.

That monkey just stole my taco!!! Stop him!!!

So what if cars DID run on spit?

Today I have to return those videos.

I wonder why you do

I uh... was wondering... uh... like... if ah..... uh... if... uh... ya know.... maybe.... like.... uh.... nevermind.

Done any gardening lately you religious freak?

I've met monkey shit smarter than you.


Who gets trained in what and how often?

Little tiny M&Ms running through the forest. Being scooped up by the kids and melting in their hands.
Along came a magic child who said "Little tiny M&Ms, I don't want to see you being
scooped up by the kids and melting in their hands." "I'll give you 3 more chances..."

People are just plain crazy.  CRAZY I TELL YA!

DENIAL is mankind's best friend.

Damn it, stop knocking at my door with that pointed stick.

This is the day that never ends.  Yes it goes on and on my friends.

Why ask stupid questions when you don't want stupid answers?

Things never go back to way things used to be.