Insane thoughts & ideas
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Bite sized insanity for you to chew on and then spit out.

fear is just a way of life

animal carcasses on poles aren't always all they are intended to be.

Fert is all he had to offer before leaving for a smoke.  imagine.

if seashell creatures actually wear their homes, then they've got the ultimate transportation don't they?

if you look at the waves too long, they'll get bigger and swallow you up.

That dog sure was brave. I love him. I love him and his big red ball. 
Clifford will always be my favorite. Who needs that gay orange cat anyways? 
Not I says me, not I. That duck also did one hell of a job. What a way to save the princess. 
Let's hear it for the duck... YEA! We're sending the duck in... He fit in the uniform. 
Would you like change with that??? Huh? I don't know. Would you like a bag? 
Is that all? Have a nice day! We don't carry that... 
I do think the part about the big gay freak should be left out, 
as it is distracting and does not add to the plot of Spot finding Clifford. 
One question, why would Richard be doing the kings bedding? 
Can he get the sheets spanking clean? Does he use starch? 
Oh wait... was that invented yet? If I could lick my own butt... would you? 
Love is a disease invented by bankers to make you spend all your money. 
PS - Send potato salad or the camel gets it.

He may not have had a gun... but he sure found one.

Fire in the skies today... peace is pausing.. but who's to say?

Whine whine whine, doesn't life suck?  You scream as you fall, then smile and say it's ok... like always.

Crazy people on the streets crawling around with crazy eyes and kissing freaks.
Strange boy staring down the insane crippled ass.
Waterfalls burning around the cops while vines drip from the ceilings.
Stupid old men screaming at the guy with the apron again.

Bullet proof glass and fruitcake dreams... that is the meaning of life.

i hate those days when everything smells like cat piss.

I am a Cree.  I almost died from Mercury poisoning.  I am OUTRAGED.

3,765.66 is only a good number if it's used properly.

Velcro isn't pubic hair friendly.

Sometimes when gummies go for a picnic, they get lost and fall into gaping holes.

Donuts, pizza and gas... yes, they do go together.

Why is petty cash so petty?

Reboot computer, IP unknown, no such user, no such LAN.

Blowjobs are just a way to shut the bitch up for awhile.

Laptops aren't under warranty if there is a zebra inside of it.

Sometimes I'd like to ask others to do a remix of my life.

I had a dream my teeth were falling apart... damn did THAT suck

l have NEVER taken a mirror and squatted over it to see my own ass. 

 I haven't felt the urge lately to hold my own beating heart in my hand.

 While walking away from Green Gables, the candy snatch was on.

 How you stop the night from passing you by?

 Sometimes I just humor you people until you do what I say and go away.

 Repetitiveness is fun.  Repetitiveness is fun.  Repetitiveness is fun.

 staples staples everywhere and not a nose to pick.

 Sometimes getting booted is a good thing.  Other times it hurts.

Licky licky bum bum.  And to think you paid money for this.

Circus rooms are crazy.

Stop struggling or I'll squeeze you till you pop!

The dolls are the children.

If the six arrived, to find out what was inside... then who invited them?

If cats like mice so much, why don't they have Mice cat food?  Minced Mice?
Mice pieces in tuna water?  Ground mouse and fish?

Dumbass freaks don't know how to use blow dryers to clean their toilets.

 You think you're going to find your fortune here?  I don't think so! Get a life! Do you honestly believe this CRAP?!

 For folks like us it's a bunch of claptrap.

Nothing exciting will happen, stay home and learn how to mind-meld with your fish.

Cradle the grave.  Where do you begin?  Where does it go to?

I have no control.  Ahhhhhh... finally bunny hugging, fish kissing.  We don't get involved in THAT.  Major non-conformance!

Maybe screaming teenagers isn't the route we want to take for the future.
They'll make it up to us sometime... I wonder when.

Are all bosses sexist jerks or is it just mine?

 Arrogance is so annoying when you know that they are wrong and that YOU are right because you are SO much smarter then them.

 Everyone just keeps remixing the same damn songs... why can't they come up with their own???

 What the hell is a colored oboe supposed to do???

 And I'm not sorry.  It's what I do.

 Sometimes I just don't want to hear people babbling to me so I just nod until they go away...

 Do you know what all YOUR idiosyncrasies are?

 So I make faces when I talk... SHOVE IT... SCOWL

 Soda Monkeys.. soda monkeys... someone stole all their fizz!

It's not like I've always hated you... I didn't know you as a sperm.

Get your own damn ice... I try so hard to be nice... 
I bring you a drink from all the way in the kitchen and then you say "No ice??"

If you get a minute, give it to me.  I'm collecting them to get an extra hour.