Insane thoughts & ideas
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Bite sized insanity for you to chew on and then spit out.

I remember the bean sprouts.  They had a party one night, got drunk and passed out.
Kinda ruined the experiment.  but I guess it does prove that bean sprouts and alcohol don't mix.

If I shaved my head - I could pet my hair and it'd feel all weird.

It would be hard to market cast-iron life jackets to people.  I 'm not sure why though.

Blue dinner plates aren't always better then the yellow ones.  But they're always better then the pink ones.

I'd like to smear finger paint all over someone's face.

Since I honked at him when he was doing something stupid, he might decide to turn around and follow me home.
But I'll out-smart him, I just won't ever go home!

I don't know how to draw in grass very well.  And believe me, I've really tried.
Not like some people who pretend to try.  You know who you are.

Invisible friends are much better then real ones because they never phone at inconvenient times.

it's not like socks have minds of their own - or do they?  What if socks get tired of our smelly feet and rebel??
They could jump down our throats and kill us! oh no!

If I had fluff on my butt, I couldn't see it very well unless I had a mirror.

The geese flew away.  They didn't like it here.  So they went away.
They'll forget they hate it here though.  Then they'll come back.

Once there was a monkey.  Yes, a long time ago.  
He swung and he swung until he fell and smashed his skull into pieces.

Bull frogs are DAMN ugly!

Sometimes I am driving along, and if there are no cars around,
then I think that maybe everyone has been wiped off the planet.
I could go steal all the cool CDs in the world and smash other peoples shit.
Then I could drive their cars around and smash them all up.

I practice what I would say if a certain situation occurred.
I stand in front of the mirror practicing for hours. 
It really pays off when the situations actually happen.  It pays to prepare.

She laid there on the floor. I had tried to persuade her to come back to reality... 
but she couldn't resist the call of the floor... so she pulled up a doorstep... and fell asleep.

 the stupidity flows until the message is forgotten

there was a guy and he was walking down the street and then he found something.
he lost it again and found a hat.  then there was a dog barking because the window was open.

if you don't keep the loons on the path, they may stray off and bother some residents

gasoline trees and shopping malls... it's all just a bizarre cartoon world.

the guy won't go to the club, so she puts on music in the other room and pretends to be there.

the pillow people have teamed up with the little green men to fill your luggage with paper bags and fluffy bunnies.

girl in tree - reminds me of a bird
man we know nothing about - the mud tree

person who left their music on.  why were they gone?
the surrounding apartments didn't really know what was going on, but they heard the music.

white trash, they never get cleaner
the longer they live here, the trashier they get.
sometimes i wish i could kill them but something inside me says
no no not yet... not yet... not yet...

people wanting kids so they take drugs.
crappy people doing crappy things. but then i don't understand the feeling of wanting a kid.

does imagination and creativity still exist?
Now we have a drunken lady stumbling around chugging wine.
same damn thing as last time.

i thought it was a cookie, but it was HAM.  shows what i know. HAM.

Informative antics need back up support.  There's the laundry list, don't burn it or anything - we'll need it later.
Time to take this fool document apart... what the hell is this about?
Ok sir, make sure you call them sir, they like that sort of thing.

gives him a piece of duct tape so he knows what it is. he keeps it on his finger all the way to the store.

weird guy takes a naive girl and she slowly goes insane.  one week he'd lover her, the next - wanting her to leave.
She doesn't care about her body anymore - just her heart.  he broke her heart.
"what ever it is, you lost it"
she broke his heart too.

that is so YES...
why don't we just spend the whole class talking about barrette chick?
i put the pen down quietly.  i can read fast so it's ok.
guess i'm antisocial but i paid for this so i can be what i want.
blah blah blah don't try so hard you kindergarten lady.  give it up and go home.
ok, so it's easier to diss then be nice but then again, who asked you?

what's the story?
close up and narrative
knew how to dance, and blossomed hot off the tractor
murder, yet bulletproof, sneak a peek you barbarian
heaven's creak on the candid street...
what a theatre.

punching is for keeping up appearances.

a horse was trying to bite my hand off.   the man told me not panic and i tried to calm the horse down.
a picture of a piece of leather with a horses head & some strange writing suddenly appeared in my head.
the horse then collapsed and i ran away and hid in a store.
i was on top of something... started to fall and smashed into some stuff.  my leg hurt.
there was something about a curse with horses... but i cleaned the wound and wouldn't tell people what happened.
i kept wincing in pain... but i didn't actually feel any pain.

there was a house but no one lived in it.  the man who did went missing.
he went to work and never came back.  his car was in the company parking lot.  there were no signs of a struggle.
his girlfriend had left him 10 years ago and he pretended everything was ok.
he decided to leave one day.  he had been saving up cash, refusing to use the banks so they couldn't spy on him.
everyone is out to get him.

why would someone constantly dream about the lock combination they had in highschool?

i'm only in this class to make fun of you people.  so just carry on... it's been very productive so far.

i don't think i've found a way into the inside.  sometimes it's deep and a place to hide, but let's face it,
 i have no idea where the entrance is while there is music like that playing all around.