Insanely real
Obviously fictional
Azkath from Last Exit for the Lost interview
Everything you wanted to know and less.
Interview with the Guests - by JCP
JCP speaks to these strangers who invade your home.
Pam from Hennessey interview
She's funny AND good looking.

Interview with Paperclips - by JCP
Ribbed and Smooth share themselves.

trevor dunn interview
He'll use his juicer on you if you're bad.

shopping bag collector interview -by JCP
inspired by our wonderful article found here

mike patton interview
the man who isn't quite a sock monkey

man with the bubblegum house by DC
this takes recycling to a new level

hansel interview
Insane questions for insane music duo.
Bizarre Conversations
JCP interviewed
By Darby : By Gibbo

Little Orphan Annie

JCP interviews
Mzebonga : Herbert : Poptart : Schizoid

Schizoid interview
Come jump on his bed with us.
Don't ask us for any of these people's emails. If you can't figure out how to contact them then too bad.