Rich and famous Sims get picked
up for work by a helicopter.

Some Sims don't seem to really
care about others.

There are Sims who like to enter
your house at will. You'll have to lock
the door to keep them out.

Trying to whore herself for money?!

There are Sims who prefer being nude in the tub, causing others to gasp when walking onto the lot.

Sim kids will cry when seeing their parent cheat.

Go to the spa and get a HORRIBLE make over.

Mr Smith seems to have a bubble party in his swim shorts and we're all invited.

Missing a car? It seems that sometimes Sim's arrive before their cars do.

Have a seat. When hanging out, sometimes Sims get a bit friendly.

Dogs really do eat kids homework.

Woohoo with your professor and your grade will improve.

If your pregnant sim eats cheesecake, they will have twins.

Keep artwork around for a while
and its value increases.

Cops don't like sims who counterfeit simoleons from home.

Getting sprayed by a skunk really stinks.

Sims will puke when they've eaten rotten food, are sick with the flu, pregnant, or in a stinky room.

A sure sign of sim insanity.

Costumes are fun for everyone.

Sims who have NO energy at the end of the day pass out at the side of the road after work.

Not all sims are happy parents.

Everyone loves a good bong,
or is that a bubble blower?

Kids can hang out in the car
and rock out to tunes.

Smash the dollhouse for fun or
to make the children cry.

Sims fart green smoke from their ass. Most giggle and wave it away.

When your sim goes totally crazy, they collapse on the floor and a doctor tries to help them.

Kicking over garbage cans and stealing newspapers or gnomes are ways sims get revenge on others.

If you want to piss other Sims off,
phone them in the middle of the night.

Not all nanny's are good at their job.

Toddlers like to play in toilets
and get all stinky.

Eating dog food seems fun.

Piles of garbage are fun for toddlers.

Babies and toddlers can be really annoying, causing their parents and caretakers to become furious with them.

Making out with a cow is more
fun than it looks.

Even though the cow gets new clothes, he keeps his cow head.

Sims will yell at YOU if they're unhappy.

If you cheap out on the gypsy,
you get a lousy date.

Abducted male sims ALWAYS come back pregnant with an alien baby.

Sometimes toddlers can float up in the air and amuse the dog.

Bummed out sims get a visit from an annoying Social Bunny.

Social Bunny is his own best friend.

Sims can kick social bunny's ass.

Sims like to fight their enemies, people they've caught cheating or if they're rival university mascots.

Keep an eye out for UFOs in your neighborhood, they're everywhere.

Sim toddlers, children and teens will throw tantrums when they're upset.

Slobby or VERY hungry sims will
search for food in the garbage.

Trapped toddlers in high chairs will
kick and scream to be let out.

Sims with poor cooking skills have problems with fire.

Zombies think about brains a lot
while they stagger around.

Children get taken away if they fail but it's ok for teens to flunk out.

Sometimes alien babies look a
bit weird during the night.

Wolves have glowing eyes.

Talking about sex with a toddler isn't going to win father of the year.

Team mascots will cheer you on,
even while you woohoo.

Dogs don't always like babies.

Some dogs can walk on water.

Toddlers pick their noses.

Snowmen are EVIL,
complete with horns on their hats.

Make them sleep outside in
the snow and cold.

If you use the weather machine,
sometimes you get fireballs.

The penguin is into bondage.

Falling into a toybox.

Trying to compost a Plant Sim.

Left in a crib outside during winter.



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