The Galaxi Family
Family members:
Nathan, Creon (the redhead), Patrick
Status :

Nathan is another son of Titan, his mother being Stellar, Titan's first wife who died mysteriously in a fire. Nathan never recovered from his mothers death and ran away from home at the age of 15. He hasn't spoken to Titan since. After being denied entry into college, Nathan went to work in the criminal underground as a bag man. He was enjoying his life of crime, especially the hours; Sleeping all day and working all night kept him busy. It was late one night, while looking through the telescope that he was abducted and probed most cruelly by aliens. He returned pregnant and had Creon. Nathan wasn't comfortable in his new role as a father and relied heavily on a cheap nanny he found in the local paper. Creon grew up quickly without much attention from his father, turning into a selfish, out of control brat who was never disciplined.

Creon constantly acted out to try to get his fathers attention but no matter what, Nathan always turned a blind eye. Poor grades, calls from the school and even Creon directly asking for help all led nowhere with Nathan. The school threatened to call social services if Nathan didn't smarten up and start paying attention to Creon. Nathan agreed to start trying and for a week, helped Creon catch up with his homework. Just when things were looking up, Nathan did look up through the telescope and was once again abducted by aliens. Nathan gave birth to Patrick.

Once again, Nathan didn't have time for Creon. Fed up with waiting for Nathan to make him food, Creon began to eat cookies for dinner each night. Nathan was nearly completely exhausted from working so much and began to rely on Creon to take care of Patrick when he was sleeping. The nanny was getting too expensive so Nathan would bring home women that usually took pity on Patrick and gave him attention and more importantly, properly prepared bottles.

Patrick seems to cry non-stop, making it hard for Nathan to ever get more than a few hours of sleep. He becomes angry and snaps. He leaves them alone for a day while he sleeps at a motel. While he's gone, Patrick starts playing in the filthy toilet and almost drowns. Luckily, Creon happens to be splashing in a puddle beside him and pulls him out.

Nathan returns and as a way to soothe that small bit of guilt he felt for leaving his kids, brings home a toy robot to play with. Buying it from a discount toy store, the robot quickly breaks and instead of amusing the kids, it shocks them, sprays sparks in their faces and makes them cry. When Nathan finds the robot broken, he yells at Creon for breaking it.

By the time Patrick grows up, he's mal-adjusted and angry with everyone. Having only been yelled at by Nathan and teased by Creon, he starts taking out his anger on everyone else, bullying Creon and starting to beat up other kids at school.

Nathan doesn't make the boys meals but simply puts food in the fridge and expects them to know when to eat and how much. Creon begins to snack from garbage cans, filling up on leftover bags of chips, moldy french fries and other garbage. A neighbor sees this and calls child services. Child services says they're swamped with cases but will come as soon as they can, asking the neighbor to record any further garbage eating and neglect witnessed.

Creon grows into an angry and ugly teenager, constantly yelling at Patrick, acting up in school and giving others noogies. No one likes Creon and Creon doesn't like anyone else. He spends days away from the house and Nathan doesn't notice. Creon stops going to school.
Patrick, fed up with Creons constant abuse and Nathan's neglect, has become just as angry and unlikable as Creon. Patricks teachers have grown concerned with Patrick's treatment of his classmates and school property. At home, Patrick is constantly breaking things. Even flamingos aren't safe from his wrath.
The school has had enough of Creon and Patrick's unruly behavior and poor grades. They've been showing up to school smelling bad, being hungry and claiming a dog ate their homework assignments. When the school calls, Nathan insists he yelled at the dog for eating the homework and that it was the school who was to blame for not being able to control his boys. After telling off the principal and hanging up, he yells at the boys for a few hours and breaks all their toys.
A neighbor sees a stinky Nathan out front one night. After seeing Nathan dig out food and try to feed it to his son Patrick, the neighbor calls child services. Child services sends someone out immediately to rescue Creon and Patrick. Nathan threatens the worker but she manages to get the boys out before anyone gets hurt.
Nathan drinks himself into a stupor that night and every night for the next two months. He befriends a brick and is found dead five days later in his living room after choking to death on it. The boys are placed in a foster home but Creon and Patrick are unable to adjust. After going through a few foster homes, they're caught trying to rob Cold Issue Clothing and are put into the army. They both die when goofing around with firearms and are buried next to their father in the neighborhood cemetery.

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