The Perry Family
Family members:
Lila, Darren, Kendra, Bowie
Status :

Kendra and her parents,
Lila and Darren.



Bowie the neglected nightmare.

Kendra started off life in a loving family. Her mother Lila had met her father Darren in university and they had gotten married after graduating. After they had Kendra, they moved into a nice neighborhood. Kendra was sixteen when her mother died in a suspicious kitchen fire. Darren was never the same after Lila died, leaving Kendra alone to deal with her sorrow. Kendra began to act out in order to get attention from anyone and began to sleep around. Darren wakes up one night to find his livingroom on fire. Trying to find Kendra to save her, he ends up catching on fire and dies. Kendra had snuck out that night with one of her boyfriends and returns to find out that she's now an orphan.

Kendra finds out she's pregnant the next month and deciding to get her future together, gets a job and decides to marry Mark, the man she thinks is the father of her child. They get married quickly and move into Kendra's house, which she inherited upon her father's death. Bowie is born and for a while, Kendra and Mark are happy together. After a while, Kendra grows weary of taking care of Bowie all the time and begins to spend a lot of time at work. Mark is trying to make Bank Manager, so Bowie is left with the nanny a lot.

Kendra meets Frances J Worthington III and begins an affair with him. They meet up each week and start spending weekends together. Mark has begun seeing a loan manager he works with named Ally. While Kendra is away one weekend, Mark invites Ally over and the two have a romantic weekend together. Bowie is locked in his room for the weekend, left to play video games and eat boxes of cereal. Bowie manages to get his bedroom door open and goes outside to find his father in the hot tub with Ally. Bowie sobs as his father and Ally woohoo in the tub, then runs up to his room. He packs a bag and tries to run away but Mark stops him. To get Bowie not to tell Kendra, he convinces him that if he tells her, the family will break up and it will be Bowie's fault. Bowie cries himself to sleep for weeks while his parents carry on with their affairs. Mark decides that he wants to marry Ally, so he moves out and tells Kendra he wants a divorce.

Kendra hasn't told Frances J about Bowie and doesn't want custody of him, but Mark refuses to take him because Ally doesn't like children. They fight it out in court and Kendra ends up with Bowie after he requests to go with her. Kendra is angry that she's stuck with Bowie while Mark gets to start his new life, so she spends even more time away from home, taking long trips with Frances and leaving Bowie at home alone. Two months after the divorce, Mark and his girlfriend are both found dead at the bottom of their pool. Kendra is questioned but no evidence is found to prompt her arrest. Bowie receives money from Mark's insurance company and Kendra spends it on a new car for Frances.

Frances J.

Bowie is angry with his mother and begins to throw tantrums at school all the time. Instead of dealing with him, Kendra ignores him when she's home and spends the rest of her time with Frances. Frances proposes to Kendra and after she accepts, he moves in. Bowie refuses to speak to Frances, but Frances doesn't care. Kendra finds Bowie easier to deal with now that he's not speaking and Bowie spends all his time drawing on his walls in permanent marker. The school begins to leave messages regarding Bowie, warning that he is flunking out of school and acting horribly in class. Kendra yells at him to smarten up. A teacher notices that Bowie never has a lunch with him and after asking a few questions, finds out he's not fed breakfast either. Kendra doesn't feed him at all, leaving Bowie to use his EasyBake oven to warm up whatever food he steals from the fridge. The teacher contacts child services.


The man Kendra thinks is Frances J. reborn.

While out at Midnight Flows, a nightclub owned by Frances J, there is a kitchen fire that gets quickly out of control, killing Frances. Kendra is devastated and at the funeral, discovers she's not the only one Frances is engaged to, as several other women step forward to claim to be the widow, including Crystal Vu. Kendra falls into a deep depression, spending her nights drinking and staring up at the sky through a telescope in the hopes of being abducted. Child services has been monitoring the situation and while Kendra is abducted by aliens, they take Bowie away. Tom Odd adopts Bowie into his family, giving Bowie a sister, Sally. Sally and Bowie are close to the same age and become good friends, helping Bowie to improve his grades at school.

Kendra returns from being abducted and doesn't realize for two weeks that Bowie is even gone. She doesn't shed a single tear for Bowie, deciding to focus on her new role as cosmic contactee. She begins to appear on talk shows to share her abduction story and writes a few UFO books. Only when she turns 60 does she realize that she was a bad mother to Bowie and decides to track him down. Child services refuses to release the information to her, but she sleeps with the case worker and finds out where Bowie now lives. Bowie is 19 now, about to head to University. Kendra shows up at his school, telling him she loves him and wants them to be a family together. Bowie feels bad and decides to forgive his mother for everything she had done. He tells Tom what happened and even though Tom tries to talk him out of it, Bowie moves back in with his mother.

Kendra's sanity begins to slip away as she begins to talk to bricks, flour sacks and dancing around with a lampshade on her head. Bowie is in his first year of University but Kendra's increasing insanity begins to interfere with his studying. Flunking out of University after a year, he finds a job as a security guard so he can take care of her.

Kendra has begun to claim that she has met another Frances J. She begins to stalk and harass this new "Frances J" until he gets a restraining order against her. Bowie can't handle the stress anymore, and after talking with Sally and Tom, agrees to put Kendra in a home where she can be properly cared for. Kendra is upset when she is told and screams at Bowie, telling him never to contact her again.

Bowie now lives in StrangeCity with his wife Daria and their three children, Todd, Damon and Davida. Bowie pays for Kendra to stay in a home and receive assistance, though they still don't speak. Kendra isn't even aware that she has grandchildren; Bowie has told Daria and the children that his mother died a few years after his father, hiding the payments to the home from Daria. Kendra spends her days watching the wall beside her bed, humming and thinking about Frances J.

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