The Galaxi Family
Family members:
Mimas, Pandora
Status :
Screwed up.
Deaths to date : 0

Mimas is the oldest son of Cosma, who married Titan after his first wife mysteriously died in a fire. Titan has many other children, and is known as a negligent and inappropriate father. (He once farted into Titan Jr's crib and giggled as the green gas went into the infants face.) Luckily Cosma was a great mother and before her death in the swimming pool, she raised Mimas and encouraged him to enroll in University. After graduating, he bought his own place and yearned to start his own family. He thought he'd make a great father. After being abducted by aliens, Mimas was thrilled to find out he was expecting.


Pandora is a brat.
His daughter Pandora was born. She was very much like Titan, in that she enjoyed playing tricks on others and being a brat. Mimas worked at building a proper relationship with Titan, inviting him over for dinner a lot. Titan and Pandora got along wonderfully, and Mimas was happy to have his father babysit while he was at work.

Yearning for a mate, Mimus began calling singles hotlines. Not wanting his daughter or Titan to find out, he calls from payphones. Mimas begins chatting with a woman named Luna and after two months of chatting from payphones, (and running out of quarters) he tells his family about his new relationship. Pandora isn't happy about it and stomps off with her teddybear but Titan is supportive, encouraging Mimas to invite over this new girl so they can all meet each other. Mimas invites Luna over for the following night.

Mimas spends the whole day preparing a gourmet meal. Luna and Titan happen to arrive at the same time. Titan is surprised to find out it's Luna. Technically Luna and Titan are brother and sister, as their fathers married each other, but they do not biologically share parents. (Each father had been abducted by aliens and gave birth) After the death of their fathers, they hadn't seen each other in many years. After spending a few minutes catching up on the porch, they were surprised how easy it was to reconnect and gave each other a hug. Unfortunately, Mimas came outside just at that point and saw the two embrace.

Assuming immediately that Titan is to blame for this due to knowing about his father's cheating past on both Cosma and his previous wife, he screams at Titan in rage. Titan tries to tell him what happened but Mimas refuses to believe any of it and tells Titan he will never be allowed to see his granddaughter Pandora again.

Mimas goes back inside and tells Pandora that her grandfather is a cheating bastard and tells her all about the sorts of things Titan has done in his past. Pandora is sad when she's told Titan isn't allowed to visit ever again and they eat their dinner in silence, each angry at Titan.

Mimas can't stop thinking about happened. At first he's very angry, but after a while he just misses talking to Luna.

Finally he gives in and calls her but she doesn't pick up. He leaves a message telling her he's sorry and that he wants to talk. After thinking about it for a while, he decides to go over and talk with her in person. When he gets there, he finds Titan and Luna kissing. Running off before they see him, he calls her again in a rage, leaving a nasty phone message for them both. She comes over to try to explain what happened that night and to ask him to forgive Titan. Mimas been drinking all night and flies into another rage, poking her and then slapping her. Luna punches him in the face and runs off in tears to Titan's house.

Titan is furious when he hears what Mimas has done and immediately stomps over to Mimas' house and kicks his ass. Mimas is fined $2000 and given community service for hitting Luna, Titan gets off with a warning and moves in with Luna.

Pandora has gone off to University, leaving Mimas to sink into a deep depression. His only comfort can be found in getting drunk and paying strange men to have to sex with him. They promise to keep his secret safe but eventually the whole neighborhood hears about it, including Pandora. She phones him up from school and begs him to stop before he gets a disease. He doesn't and after catching something nasty, spends the rest of his days alone collecting newspapers and trying to pet skunks.

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