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Ankra & Natas Galaxi
They met at the local bar, quickly got married and began a family. Several children later (most of them alien, some adopted) they're proud to see a number of them complete University and begin alien families of their own. Reaching their golden anniversary was one of the happiest events in their lives. Sadly, their happiness was cut short when Ankra died of old age. Shortly after, Natas drowned himself in the pool, unable to be without his lifelong partner. Both are buried in the local cemetary. While they have a lot of kids, the only really interesting ones are Luna and Titan.

The oldest of the children, Luna quickly went through University and within a week of graduating, was promoted to Chief of Staff at Sim General Hospital. After retiring (at the age of 25), she went through several careers, picking up rewards and fame along the way. She married Mars Curious breifly, but was found cheating on him. She dated Angela Stamm, but the relationship was stormy and ended with Angela going crazy. After a fling with Phobos (who, unbeknownst to her, is Mars's oldest son.) gets pregnant and gives birth to twin girls. She leaves them with Phobos and begins to see Mimas, which ends with her finding her true love.
Children : Luane, Lara (twins)

A brat as a child, Titan grew up and went through University with a smirk on his face. First marrying Stellar (Pascal's oldest), he had a few kids by himself (he was abducted a lot), she eventually died due to a fire in the retirement home she was living in. During this time, Titan had a few affairs, some of them producing children. Titan then met Cosma and re-married, having a few more kids with her. Titan Jr was born and after getting farted on, and left on the floor, he grew into a child. Titan continued to ignore him, leaving Cosma to deal with Titan Jr's constant tantrums. He later had a problem with his son Mimas and his adoptive sister Luna. His other son Nathan isn't a great parent either.
Children : Europa, Nathan, Solar, Pantene, Andromedia, Titan Jr, Mimas, Dione, Vidcund
Grandchildren : Andriana, Max, Nate, Neil, Stellar II, Destiny, Darla, Andy, Daria, Elara, Titania, Titan III, Lola, Sunne, Mimi
Great grandchildren : Nate, Damon, Davida, Doowop, Dharma, Dangit, Dahling, Dummy, Sarra, Ursa

Farting in the crib, leaving the kid on the floor while he's on the phone, and blatently ignoring Titan Jr.

Vidcund Curious.

Vidcund holding Cosma while pregnant with Merc and Mars.

Merc & Mars as children.

Vidcund lived with his brother Pascal until Vidcund went insane, forcing Pascal and his daughter Stellar to move out. After having Cosma, Vidcund then had twin alien boys, Merc and Mars. Cosma was originally horribly ugly, but after getting a facelift, she became much better looking. Vidcund dies of electrocution while trying to fix an old computer.

: Cosma, Mars, Merc, Venus (Venus is too boring to upload a picture for. )
Grandchildren : Mimas, Dione, Vidcund, Demios, Phobos, Sassi, Valles, Marsina, Caloris, Amanda, Cyan

Mars first marries Luna Galaxi, but catches her cheating on him and they break up.
Shortly after, he marries Chloe Singles and they have four kids together (Phobos, Deimos, Sassi and Valles.) Chloe cheats on Mars every chance she gets and is eventually caught by Mars and kicked out. He spends the rest of his days alone in his house, collecting newspapers and talking to himself. While out for a walk one night, he sees a strange looking plant holding out a piece of cake. Looking closer, he's eaten by the plant and dies instantly.

Merc and Danny Galaxi get married, and they adopt a little girl named Amanda. Merc is abducted and gives birth to daughter Caloris. Merc gets food poisoning and dies, leaving Danny to raise the girls alone. After the girls go to University, Danny starves himself to death and joins Merc and Mars in the Milky Way Cemetery.

Crystal Vu.

Crystal and Angela Stamm.

Crystal Vu was a cheerleader from University. Finding herself very popular, she began to sleep around with everyone on campus. She became pregant during her senior year and dropped out to have her first daughter, Pandora. She has since had seven other children, leaving most of them with Dustin Broke to be raised. Each child has a different biological father, as only Pandora is his but all are raised believing Dustin is their father.

Crystal had a weird relationship with Frances J, as she ends up being a grandmother to one of his children, and a mother of one as well. She lives with Frances briefly and has their son Frances Jr, but she leaves within a month of his birth. She continued to sleep her way around the neighborhood, destroying several marriages along the way. She currently owns Midnight Flows.

Children : Pandora, Dejan, Vincent, Andrew, Vic, Bianca, Destiato, Frances J Jr
Grandchildren : Samantha, Alisa, Alexander, Sammy, Ankra, Chandra, Adrastea, Dustin


Frances J

The Dastardlys.

This family was created by Mzebonga and is by far the ugliest family of Sims ever. JCP has been breeding and killing them for a while now. All those pictured are now deceased.

Dangle / Dick / Dihldo / Diptheria / Donkey

Doop / Dostevoy / Dubya / Dwayne / Dynamo

Other deceased Dastardlys: Dahling, Dangelle, Dangit, Dangle, Darla, Delta, Demi, Dessie, Destiny, Dharma, Dicky, Diddly, Dippy, Dipsy, Diptheria, Dong, Donk, DooWop, Dusty
The only living Dastardlys : Donkeyboy, Doodoo, Dummy

Pre-loaded Sims
For anyone who cares, here is what their family trees have turned into.

Jenny Smith - Children : Johnny (died as a teen), Jill Grandchildren : Suzi

Lazlo - Children : Xaiver Danielle Grandchildren : Daria, Lazlo Jr Alexander Alisa

Pascal - Children : Stellar Grandchildren : Nathan, Pantene

Tech 9 - Children : Johnny, Jill, Lola, Chloe Grandchildren : Suzi, Star, Deimos, Sassi, Valles

Brandi Broke - Children : Dustin, Beau, Allan, Patrick, Kevin Grandchildren : Star, Pandora, Chip, Martain, Justain, Mike, Brandy, Stellar II, Bobby

Loki - Children : Laia, Donk Grandchildren : Jay

Nervous - Children : Calm, Hyper, Angry, Mello, Storm, Cyan Grandchildren : Matt, Suzi, Neil

Ophelia - Children : Willow, Dong, Dicky Grandchildren : Dharma, Dangit, Doowop

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