Frances J Worthington III
Status :
Dead ?

After the facelift.

Frances J (played by Mzebonga) starts off life in university as a spoiled rich boy. He romances his way into the pants of many a female sim before graduating. During his own graduation party he was caught cheating by one of his girlfriends, clearing out the party early as the yelling got out of control.

Finally on his own, Frances focuses on all the things he learned during his University years: how to meet women. He gets a facelift to make him more attractive and works on his personality until his is irresistible. He continues his relationships with Angela Stamm, Ilene Massacure and Joy Garth and begins to flirt with every woman he meets, slowly adding them to his list of conquests. Among those conquered are Chloe Singles, Luna Galaxi (Angela’s girlfriend) and Kendra Perry.

All of his successful dates end up with his being showered with gifts such as flowers and pinball machines that he displays proudly on his porch for all to see. Somehow his girlfriends fail to notice that he has an increasing number of gifts from other women and his life continues to be filled with lovely ladies : breakfast with Angela, lunch with Ilene, shopping with Joy, dinner with Chloe and dancing into the late night with Kendra (and “snacking” with other women in the few spare moments he finds in between). His luck continues as his girlfriends seem to only rarely cross paths and, even when they do, his much-practiced charm soon smoothes things over with them.

Frances decides it’s time for him to take some risks and invests in the local club Midnight Flows, renovating it and turning it into the most popular club in StrangeCity. He also uses it to ensnare and charm new girls, participating in various sexcapades, leaving no part of Midnight Flows untainted, even the elevator.

He fails to be satisfied by his lifestyle as one woman continues to evade him. The head cheerleader from University, Crystal Vu, fails to respond to his charms. Their encounters at University were brief and often violent, leaving Frances quite smitten with the fiery Crystal. Following a chance encounter at Cold Issue Clothing many years later, Frances finally lures Crystal into a changing booth, where she is finally added to his list of women. Finding Crystal to be extremely interesting and attractive, he tries to date only her for a while but finds it impossible to stay faithful to one woman.

Frances tries to contact Crystal repeatedly after their encounter, but Crystal is rarely at home. Pandora, Crystal's oldest daughter who is just out of University, ends up answering the phone each time, and after a few conversations with Frances, he invites her to his club. After a few drinks, Frances easily seduces her and they woohoo until the sun comes up the next day. They see each other a few times after that, and Pandora discovers that she's pregnant. In a panic, Frances asks Pandora to marry him. She agrees and they get married, Crystal refusing to attend the wedding. The marriage doesn't last very long, as Pandora finds her mother Crystal in bed with Frances. A very pregnant Pandora leaves Frances and has their son Dustin. She raises him alone and Frances never meets him.
A few months after Pandora leaves him and Dustin's born, Crystal Vu ends up getting pregnant. At first she agrees to move in with him and raise the child together, but after Frances J Jr's birth, Crystal decides she doesn't want to raise another child and leaves, only calling Frances Jr on his birthday each year. Frances isn't a very attentive father, leaving Frances Jr alone or with a nanny almost all the time. Frances spends a lot of time going out with his girlfriends and going on weekend trips with Kendra. He doesn't know what to talk to his son about, so he tells him all about his dates and girlfriends. Frances Jr doesn't have the charm his father does, and grows up being rejected by all girls he talks to. After Frances Jr moves to college, he rarely speaks to Frances.

Needing to secure more money for expansion plans for his club, he proposes to the well-off Kendra Perry, who accepts. Frances moves in with Kendra and her unhappy son Bowie. Frances discovers that Kendra isn't rich and puts off setting a wedding date.

One night, while at a Midnight Flows costume party, Crystal shows up dressed up as a dominatrix. Frances, dressed up as a pirate, spends the night hitting on her and rekindling their romance. Crystal stays the night and Frances agrees to break it off with Kendra so he and Crystal can get married as they had originally planned before Frances J was born.

The "new" Frances J in town?
Hmm, looks familiar.

The next night, while going over plans to expand the kitchen, a grease fire gets out of control and quickly consumes the club. Frances and a prep cook are killed. His body isn't found, but a funeral is held. Crystal Vu shows up and causes a scene, insisting she's his fiancee, which ends up with at least four other women claiming the same thing. The funeral ends in an uproar, and no grave is erected in his memory. Crystal Vu was named as the beneficiary of Frances's estate, and becomes the new owner of Midnight Flows.

A month after his estate is handed over to Crystal, a new sim shows up in her bed, one that strangely looks exactly like Frances J used to look like before he had his facelift. This one claims to be a different Frances, but no one in town is really sure what to believe.

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