The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You start to hitchhike outside your house.  Hours go by without anyone stopping.  You grow tired of waiting and head for the nearest bus stop.  You wait another hour for the bus.  The bus finally arrives and you climb aboard. You sit beside a lady who's holding a flowerpot.  There are strange symbols on the pot, including what appears to be a monkey. 

You jump up and snatch the flowerpot from her, screaming that she is the lap dancing sock monkey.  She starts yelling at you to give her flowerpot back.  The bus is stopped and you are thrown off, minus the flower pot.  You stand at the side of the road sulking until you notice that you are on a sidewalk.   Figuring that you are getting close, you start to follow it.  3 hours later you realize that you have been going in one big circle and decide to try the bus again.  You go back to the bus stop and wait.  Two busses pull up.  One is filled with teenagers from school, and the other has only an old man on it.

What do you do?

Climb aboard the bus with all the teenagers on it

Go on the bus with the old man.

Continue to follow the sidewalk around.