The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You climb aboard the bus with all the teenagers on it and try to find a place to sit.  No seats are available so you stand.  The bus moves and you accidentally bump into a teenage girl.  She shoots you a nasty look and turns away.  You stand there for awhile thinking about that flowerpot.  The bus stops again and some teenagers get off.   They stand there embarrassed with their stained pants pretending nothing happened.  You look away, not wanting to make eye contact with them.

You decide that you have gone far enough and pull the wire to make the bus stop.  The bus stops again and you leave the bus.  You are now further down the street and feel that you are finally on the right track.  You begin to pick up litter and putting it in your pockets, knowing that it will come in handy later.

You pick up a wrapper that seems to have a faded monkey on it.  You look around to see if you can locate who had left it, but find no one.

What do you do?

Lick the wrapper for valuable clues.

Keep looking.

Burn the wrapper.