The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You go on the bus with the old man.  The bus leaves the stop and the old man starts talking to you.  He tells you that he knows what you are looking for and that he has it.  You look at him surprised and ask to see it.  He opens his pants and whips out his dick, horrifying you.  You immediately pull the bus cord to stop the bus and run away, leaving the old man chuckling with his floppy dick still hanging out at you.

In your haste to get away, you bump into a nun, who smiles sweetly at you.  You push her in the face and she falls to the ground.  You kick her and then continue to run away.

Eventually you stop running and look around.  You are by the airport.  You decide to book a flight to the Orient and set out.  You get to the airport and board the plane.  You look around and notice that there are a lot of nuns on the plane.  One of them sees you and frowns.  She stands up and points at you, then screams "Sinner!  You're going to hell you nun kicking bastard!  I'll bet you're demon seed from a hooker and a drunken bum! You will pay for your sins sinner! Repent and the Lord will forgive you hippy lover!  Your baby eating days are over Lucifer's child! Your soul is a dark pile of soot and you will descend into the depths of hell for your anal sex and animal mutilating ways!  You can get your soul back from the devil if you pray out the gay!"   This continues for about an hour until her voice goes hoarse and she sits down.

Now that you finally have silence, you enjoy the film they are showing and watch it.  Suddenly the plane explodes and your devil worshipping baby fucking, ass licking days are over.  
Too bad, that will teach you to listen to nuns. 

Play again.