The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You book a flight back to the Orient.  The lady from the airline tells you that there is a flight at noon.  You confirm the plans and set off to get some umbrellas.  You leave for the airport in a cab and are there 2 hours early.  You decide to wait it out at the airport bar and order yourself a drink.  6 drinks later you're feeling pretty damn good and order a few more.

By the time your plane begins to board, you are completely tanked.  You stumble onto the plane and take your seat.  Your fellow passengers seem to be repulsed by you, and you decide to take a nap in your seat.  You drift off quickly.

You are awoken by a stewardess offering you coffee or tea.  Enraged that she woke you up, and since you're still drunk, you immediately start to argue with her.  After a brief argument, you agree to have coffee.  She hands you the coffee and continues on her way.

You wonder what the big deal was all about and decide that she must be part of a plan to prevent you from finding the lap dancing sock monkey.  As you sip your coffee, you wonder how she would prevent you from finding the monkey... then spit out your coffee.  You realize that she could have poisoned your coffee.

What do you do?

Demand to see the pilot.

Throw the coffee on a nearby crying baby.

Drink it to show the stewardess bitch that she can't stop you.