The lap dancing sock monkey.
Choose your own adventure.

You throw the coffee on a nearby crying baby.  The mother punches you out cold.  You wake up in an airport terminal.  You look around and discover that you are completely lost.  You head for the nearest bar.   You get drunk and pass out again, hoping you'll appear somewhere else when you wake up.  No such luck.  You try this repeatedly for a week to no avail.

A lady approaches you and asks if you would like to see her cat.  You agree and she tells you that you have to pay for it.  You are still drunk, so you agree.  She leads you out of the airport and to a nearby hotel.  She demands twenty dollars to see her cat, and you pay her.  She goes into the hotel room, bringing back a little cat.  "Isn't she cute?" she says.

What do you say?

Yes, definitely worth the twenty dollars.

Lovely cat, but can I pet it?

I'm more of a dog person.