Merry cram it up your ass.
12/04/05 - by JCP -

Due to drunkennewfiemidget’s rant, I decided to share why I don’t ever say merry Christmas to anyone, and why I would rather be forced to hear happy holidays. While I will state right now that I do not agree with spending tons of money to change everything, harassing others or throwing a fit about it, I do suggest that people give a bit of thought before saying it. Christmas IS a religious thing.

From Wikipedia: Christmas (literally, the Mass of Christ) is a holiday in the Christian calendar, usually observed on December 25, which celebrates the birth of Jesus.

When I’m in a business setting, I say ditch the Merry Christmas and bring on the Happy Holidays. I’m not going to have a fit or demand people change these things NOW but for those that aren’t Christian, don’t be saying Merry Christmas. Business should be devoid of specifically stating one religious holiday over the other. Happy holidays covers all the nonsense, and in a business sense, this is the wisest choice.

While I may not like saying a greeting to people at all, if I must, it’s never Merry Christmas. My own PERSONAL reasion? It pisses Christians off. They’ve been ramming all sorts of crap down our throats for years and yes, it may be a silly and petty thing to do, but this is what I’ve decided. Sure it’s just a small thing but it’s enough to annoy them and that’s enough for me. They’ve ruined enough for this planet as it is so screw them.

They even stole this holiday from the pagans, that is where the tree and presents ideas come from too. If you really want to look into it, I think they determined that due to the star that was seen by the wise men (if you believe any of that story) then the birth of Jesus would have been in October or something like that. Regardless of that, they did change the date to the one we celebrate now.

From Wikipedia: Most scholars believe that December 25 was only adopted in the 4th century as a Christian holiday by the Roman Emperor Constantine, to encourage a common religious festival for both the Christians and the Pagans.

I know that most people don’t care about this anymore thus negating most of the religious aspect to it when it’s said. And you’re right in some ways but you sure can’t argue that it’s entirely non-religious. It is still pushing forward that specific religious term.

I’ve endured the same Christmas carols over and over, the bullshit commercialism over giving gifts, the rabid shoppers, the suppression of being KIND to people all year and not just for a week at the end of it, and everything else that is tied in with this holiday. I sure don't see very many people smiling, being kind and spreading good will. So if you see me during the holidays, don’t bother wishing me happy holidays, merry Christmas or anything. Don't wish me anything, just be a decent person to me all year long. The only reason I care at all about this holiday is because I get paid days off of work.

And yes, you can go cram bah humbug up your ass as well.