12/02/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

I'm sick and fucking tired of politically correct whiny fuckbags all over this planet trying to ruin things for everyone else. They're usually the same people who name their children 'Blaine' or 'Montana', and live in Yuppyland, drive SUVs, tie their sweaters around their shoulders, and were total sluts in highschool.

You know the type.

There's people all over the place trying to have Christmas renamed to 'the holiday season'. TV commercials aren't supposed to refer to Christmas anymore, just 'seasons greetings' or 'happy holidays'.

I hate religion. I think religion is stupid, but even if it is entirely fictitious, it's an event that came from Christianity, and that's what it is. Shut your fucking mouth and live with it. If you aren't religious, or you'd rather call it the holiday season, that's fine, but when you start pushing and convincing other people to do it, you're a no-good, whiny, asshat.

Shut your fucking mouths and suck it the fuck up. You can celebrate your Kwanzaa, Ramadan, whatever, and if you say 'happy kwanzaa' to me, I'm not going to get angry, I'm going to say, "thank you, same to you."

People should not be punished for saying merry christmas. What kind of sissies have we become.

It's sickening.