I don't care anymore.
by Mzebonga

So, yes, this rant is born of my own ego – what else is new? Firstly, I would like to commend Drunkennewfiemidget for his fantastic rants. Secondly, I would like to complain that I don’t rant enough on this site. There was a day when I could rant for England – no, on behalf of the entire human race. Get me on the right topic – immigration and asylums policy in the European Union is a good one – and you might be treated to one but, on the whole, I find myself unable to rant effectively anymore and I find it annoying.

Let’s face it; the world is very much stacked against the solitary voice in the crowd. Very few people are taking the time to listen to views contrary to the status quo (GET THE FUCK OUT OF YOUR CAR, YOU LAZY ASS SONS OF BITCHES) or in direct juxtaposition to the stance of the ruling elite (Mr Blair and Mr Bush… ahem). So, why should I stand up and waste my valuable energy in yelling about something that isn’t going to change? What purpose does it serve?

In most cases, the things I care about have very much come to nothing. I’m not doing a job that I care about and I’m no longer in a relationship I care about. I’m pretty much left with websites and family. I love my family – in passing although I could probably rant about them on a good day – and I adore persecuting random surfers with the mindless bullcrap that I publish on or submit websites in various circles. As life goes, I feel like there should be more.

I love to travel. I like travelling. In the past year, I’ve travelled on a number of occasions and I’ve met people worth knowing – which is a rarity these days (I need refer you no further than to the rant published recently by my esteemed colleague drunkennewfiemidget). I’ve seen a lot of very interesting places and done a lot of pretty enjoyable things. But, when I get home, it’s my computer, my job and me. I don’t even have a cat because my tenancy agreement doesn’t allow for it and I’m inclined to believe that cats should come and go as they please but I’m not allowed to fit a cat-flap.

So, there’s nothing, just me and Mr Information-Super-Highway. It’s a sad life but I am overwhelmed by interesting articles and opinions that are posted by a multitude of individuals who are really just pissing in the wind. All this information available to the human race and what does it produce? Hardcore pornography and the hamster dance. Well done, human race.

I’m not saying that the Internet is not informative. I read it daily in a futile attempt to educate myself to what is happening in the world (there’s just not enough time in the day and I’m simply not smart enough). But I’ll be damned if there isn’t a site like http://www.godhatesfags.com/ for every http://www.bbc.co.uk. Misinformation is spread to go hand-in-hand with information. It’s all smoke and mirrors. If you have no information to substantiate your views, make some up, put it on a website, publish a book or claim it is the word of God (or all of the above) and it somehow gives credence to your perverted view of life amongst a small, uneducated minority. I never understood how the tie between any number of contentious issues in the US (be it homosexuality, abortion or white supremacy) always includes two other issues both of which are horribly perverted: Christianity and Patriotism. I don’t see how a religion that preached brotherhood and tolerance (at a basic level) to the world and a nation founded on the principles of rights of self-determination, equality of all men, freedom of choice and freedom of expression could have anything to do with any argument relating to the issues I listed – possible with the sole exception of religion and abortion where there is SOME grounds for discussion not mindless, uneducated mud –slinging where the Right to Life is called into play (although that seems to be more a Government/Philosophical issue with no clear answer so why not let the individual decide?). I tend to think the people who feel strongly about things like to pervert great causes or works to their own ends, somehow trying to prove that God is anti-gay (when, at some point in that book they like to wave around, he seems to be very much for everything and against everything simultaneously) or that the American constitution somehow has that passage that says that abortion is a crime.

I dread to think what TheInsaneDomain.com hands down to the people who are influenced by it. Does it enlighten? Does it encourage anti-social and anti-establishment behaviour amongst the young and impressionable? Is it sending out pro-communist subliminal messages to the world at large? Does it have any effect at all?

I have no fucking idea whatsoever. To be honest with you, I don’t think it really matters. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think that anything that is said on this website amounts to a hill of beans. No one is going to usurp their Government because Herbert says so. No one is going to introduce new controversial legislation that countermands some of the more infuriating aspects of the US constitution because JCP has asked them to. Moreover, I don’t think anyone would even send me pictures of their naked breasts if I requested them.

So, why am I unable to rant more? I don’t think it serves a purpose. I like to think that I believe strongly in certain principles. I don’t believe that firearms have solved any more problems or prevented any more deaths than they have caused. I don’t believe that there should be any involvement of the church within the activities of state. I don’t believe that people should be marginalized on any grounds be they racial minorities or fascists. I think issues that surround all of these could be solved if Governments would actually sit down and discuss them like adults.

Do I think that me ranting about all of this would make the slightest bit of difference to anything? Hell, no. So I’m just going to shut up now. I really don’t care anymore.