Shopping Bag Collector.
JCP conducts an email interview with someone crazy enough to give shopping bag collecting a try. March 2003

JCP: Today I am interviewing Gary who claims to be a shopping bag collector. For those not aware of this hobby, go here to find out more about it. (graphic heavy!)

JCP: Hi there, so you have a plastic bag collection?
Gary: Yes, yes I do.

JCP: How many different bags do you have?
Gary: 2023

JCP: 2023? How did this get started?
Gary: I saw your article and thought 'now THERE is a hobby I can maintain'. I have been suffering from ADD and have found that collecting keeps me focused. It's better then any drug out there.

JCP: Yea? How so?
Gary: If I find myself getting excited and unfocused, I just put one of the bags over my head for a bit until I can't breath very well. it makes me calm down and realize that if it wasn't for the bag, my life would be meaningless.

JCP: You have some serious issues. What bag do you use to suffocate yourself with?
Gary: I have a delightful 3 color bag from a local grocery store. I brought home grapes in it and it still kinda smells like them. Grapes are good.

JCP: Do you use any sort of special system for keeping your bags organized so you don't get doubles?
Gary: I like to have two of each bag, just in case. I keep the duplicate collection in a separate location, so if there is a fire or something, I don't lose them. I keep them much like comic books are kept; there is a cardboard piece in the bag to keep it flat, and a clear sleeve over it to protect the coloring. I keep them well out of the sun, as I don't want the color fading.

JCP: So what do you do with your 'triples', do you keep them or throw them out?
Gary: Instead of just tossing the bags in the garbage to rot slowly in a landfill, I use them to stuff my pillows, shred them and use them for toilet paper, even though it doesn't always flush so easily. Plastic bags are great for keeping your feet dry too.

JCP: Have you ever been to a plastic bag swap meet?
Gary: No, not yet. I haven't been lucky enough to live in a city where they have that. I tried to organize one last year but I was the only one who showed up.

JCP: <Laughs at person> So it was just you and your bags?
Gary: Yes. I'm hoping this year will be better.

JCP: Have you considered taking your collection on the road, showing it to schoolchildren?
Gary: That's a good idea!

JCP: Well it will get you far away from me, which is what I'd like now. Thanks for coming out, bye.