Bits about TheInsaneDomain.com that you need to chew on.

He was first put up for auction on Ebay. After two auctions ran without a single bid, Herbert was forced to admit that no one wanted him. He became horribly depressed and after a few months of locking himself in his closet, he came out with a new outlook on life. After answering questions on TID for a while, he began to feel more loved and has since begun going to sock monkey schools trying to inspire little sock monkeys to have faith in themselves.

This section is actually one of the oldest. Beginning as "Ranting, raving reviews", the section was used to review products, TV shows, movies and other items. This was eventually killed, but the rants stayed on. When drunkennewfiemidget signed on, this section really began to fill out.
  Red, white and black.
The color scheme for this website originally started off a bit more colorful but basically the red, white and black have stayed constant on this site. The original inspiration for these colors comes from an album cover of JCP's favorite band, Faith No More. The "King for a day, fool for a lifetime" album features a cartoon/drawing that JCP really liked, influencing her to select those colors for her own website. The artwork for the album was done by Eric Drooker.
  Insane Q&A
Started because DC was getting emailed with odd questions. At first DC would answer once every few weeks, and eventually was updated almost every other day for a period. While DC has since disappeared, others have filled in. Currently there are three question answerers. Those who have answered: DC, SAnimal, JCP, Mzebonga, Herbert, Emerald, Dusty & Crusty.
  Dusty & Crusty
These two dogs were brought in to answer the insane questions. Why? No one remembers. The dogs were to have their own personalities, however, due to Mzebonga's poor character portrayal, it was obvious that these were not the dogs answering but indeed JCP and Mzebonga. Not that it needs to be said, but Mzebonga was indeed Crusty. And still is.
  Hidden sub-sites / Removed sections.
Over the course of the 10 years online, TID has had it's share of hidden/hard to find sub-sites, and sections that simply faded away. The sub-sites are normally not tagged as TID webpages and are their own entire little websites hidden under the main TID website.
Nightmare - This was a sub-site that was linked via the main page. A hidden link was placed somewhere on the page. Once clicked it would take you to a strange web of inter-connected pages featuring weird paragraphs, odd photos and generally very odd things. It had none of the TID colors besides black, and contained no headers to indicate you were in the normal website. This was eventually taken down and hasn't returned for a number of years.
My.TheInsaneDomain.com - Forum sub-site set up for a bit that one had to sign up and pay for. Due to this being poorly launched and planned, it didn't do well and died within a year. While a new forum will be set up, it will NOT be a pay site.
AcidDC - A music project mostly by DC with help from JCP. MP3's were available for a while on mp3.com. This was first a sub-site of TID and then moved into the downloads section before being removed completely.
Downloads - It had wallpapers, website buttons and other graphics that could be downloaded and used by others. Other people decided to instead remote link to us, driving up our bandwidth costs before we finally put an end to the remote linking. Since people still couldn't read and still tried to remote-link our graphics (our stats revealed this), it was easier to just simply remove them. Most of the graphics were looking dated and no one had the interest to create more, so the section was changed to Photo Exhibits.
Up until 2005, TID has always had a toc.htm page. There were a few splash pages that were used to welcome people to the site and to warn them of offensive material. JCP got tired of this and finally had it removed. There are now no splash pages and the warning has been altered and moved to the bottom of almost every page on the site. What the hell does TOC stand for? Table of Contents. It's a throw-back from the FrontPage days where it structured things like that.
This section has been off and on for years. Normally someone signs on for a bit and after a month or two gets annoyed with having to write them. Those who have taken their turns: JCP, DC, Johnny Poptart.

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