History Of TheInsaneDomain.com
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1996 - TheInsaneDomain.com began in mid-1996 as a few HTML pages that JCP made. She found and downloaded a program called "HotDog" and began teaching herself how to make webpages. "I was tired and don't remember much." says JCP of the night the first insane page was created. Some insane thoughts and ideas were added towards the end of this, but removed in 1997 to appear again in 1998.

Early 1997 - Some reviews and rants are added. DC makes first appearance in writing the article 'DCian Following' which is about giving the monkey money when you die. During this time, JCP and DC decided to expand the site, learn a bit more and begin making graphics. Stuff that sucks and other lists are began during this time.

1998 - By this time, JCP and DC had learnt to make graphics. Insane thoughts and ideas were now on the site, as well as some articles (killer deer from hell etc) and quotes (now a list). Reviews and horrorscopes were added to the site. Free code for things like chat rooms was used but later abandoned as they became either obsolete, or started generating popups. DC was getting people writing in to ask questions, and the Ask DC section was soon created but wouldn't be uploaded until the end of 1998.

1999 Feb - Things are shuffled around a bit, things stripped out and the Nightmare site makes it's first appearance. People were able to send in music/movie reviews. This was eventually shut down due to a great number of people writing in, and it became a pain in the ass to update. Articles such as Green Socks, and fish on wheels are added. A lot of the lists were added during this year.

May - PhotoPaint enters the picture. New graphics are made, and rollovers are attempted. It took forever to download, so this new version didn't last long. SAnimal takes over ask DC for a bit, which starts the Ask SAnimal section. The link to us section and website graphics were added.

June - First site that was similar to our current site. Interviews, stories & adventures, and many articles were added during this time. The site began to take on its red/white/gray/black colors. It was hard to organize all the content, and this seemed to be the simplest layout at that time. Members at this point included DC, JCP, SAnimal, Cyan and Crystal. The monthly questionnaire was under 'Stuff to shut you up'.

Feb - Another attempt to clean up the site's look. This one didn't last long because it sucked.
May - Another bad layout. Ads were added, and members are now JCP, DC, SAnimal and Cyan.
June - Layout and design are still being toyed with! The font for our logo was used for the first time.
Sept - Getting much closer to the version we currently have online. Sections have been established, and DC is finally pictured on the first page. It was an animated gif. There was still so much going on that it was confusing to find your way around.
Oct - Changed layout again. Plastic bag collecting article was first added!
Dec - No cheer here finally appears, along with the xmas sucks section.

Jan - Website icons are first created!
July - Finally begins to truly look like how it does now. More graphical navigation, along with the first appearance of Sock Monkey Porn!
April - ANOTHER change! We always seem to be changing it slightly due to the amount of content we have.

Site has cleaner look and the top graphic is now more then just a logo.
June - Kayla adopted on TheInsaneDomain ebay!
July - my.theinsanedomain goes live! Sock Monkey Porn Star shirts are made available! Hits from 2002 to 2003 is over 3 million.
November - Ask SAnimal section is closed.

Jan - DC leaves the website for an unknown period of time. JCP begins to answer the new "Insane Q&A" section.
Feb - Mzebonga is officially added to the list of TID Members. He also spends a week answering insane questions.
April - Hits now average 10,000+ a day, and have since January.
May - McDiablo becomes a tentative TID member.

Full time contributors: JCP, Mzebonga, Herbert, drunkennewfiemidget, McDiablo, Emerald.
Random contributors: George, PRChick, Herbert
Insane Q&A answered by: Herbert, Mzebonga, Emerald
The rotating banners on the main page are made by JCP & Mzebonga.
Screen shots : Feb : May : Dec
Yearly hits average above 3 million.

2006 - 10 YEARS ONLINE! -
Full time contributors: JCP, Mzebonga, drunkennewfiemidget, McDiablo, Emerald.
Random contributors: George, PRChick
Insane Q&A answered by: Herbert, Mzebonga, Emerald
InsaneTalk.com launches in August.
Yearly hits average above 3.5 million.
Full list of 2006 updates.

List of updates
April - InsaneTalk has 43 members, 14 actively posting, and 2950 posts.
Herbert returns to Insane Q&A.
July - Insane Q&A and Random Ranting shut down.
December - InsaneTalk has 58 members.

List of updates
Insane Q&A answered by JCP.
InsaneTalk killed in a server crash.