Allan & Neil
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After the elderly man that used to own this died (the real estate agent didn't specify exactly why the kitchen smelt so bad either.) Allan and his father Neil moved in. Allan was a bag boy for the local Sim-Shoppers Food Mart and Neil was forced to move in with his son after he spent all his retirement money during in a pathetic attempt to convince a younger girl he was wealthy in the hopes that she would have sex with him. The plan failed miserably and now that he lives with Allan, he'll probably never have sex again.

At first Neil tried to help out by keeping the place clean for Allan. He would do the dishes, scrub the floors, clean the bathrooms and even cooked dinner each night. Allan hated his job but was too stupid to do any better for himself. Neil thought his son was a moron and became annoyed with having to hear Allan bitch about work every night.

Eventually, Neil, so pissed off with Allan's inability to pick up after himself and his own sense of sheer failure in life, finally began shouting at Allan about what a loser he was and how ashamed he was of him. Allan refused to listen, saying Neil could move out if he didn't like it, and that he would live his life any way he damn well wanted. While Allan slept on the couch, Neil sat at the table and cried with despair.

Neil finally gave up. Wiping his face off, he gave a sigh before sitting in the chair beside his son and sleeping, hoping that somehow they would both never wake up.

But they do and their sad little lives continue on just a bit longer.


The garbage and dirty dishes begin to pile up. Swarms of flies fill the trailer and the smell causes each of them to puke repeatedly. Refusing to give into each other, they stubbornly let the filth pile up. Allan complains constantly of stomach pains, and Neil watches on, wishing he had the guts to kill them both. He doesn't.

Everything in the house is beginning to give up. The shower stops working, causing them to have to wash themselves by the sink. Allan becomes temporarily catatonic. Allan smells so bad that he's fired from his job. Bills begin to go unpaid.

Within a month the repo man is knocking at the door. After taking the TV, a kitchen chair, the couch, the living room chair and the garbage can, Allan is left to weep in the stinking kitchen. Neil has locked himself in the run down bathroom.

After a day he leaves the bathroom, convinced that this is all the work of the man who is buried outside, the old man. Neil pisses on his grave in anger and then lies in his own piss for awhile, crying hysterically. That night, the crazy old man's ghost comes to visit him, and he's pissed off.

The old man's angry ghost scares Neil so bad that he has a heart attack and dies. Allan is devastated to find his fathers dead body on the ground and within a week is completely insane.

Allan's dead body is discovered on the kitchen floor, not far from where his father died. Both were buried out back beside the angry old man.


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