Crazy Old Man
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On the outskirts of Strangetown sits a poorly kept trailer. Having been left abandoned for a few years, a bearded crazy man moves into it. He's recently lost his job, his ex-wife screwed him over years ago causing him to have a break down and this is the only place he can afford. Now that he's moved in, he's feeling more depressed then ever.

Up the street, a half alien family moves in. How does he know they're alien? The father has green skin and so does one of the kids. The wife is human, and there is a human little girl. No one believes the old man when he tells them in town of this. The little alien boy is always out when the old man is watching, outside skipping around, laughing and making noise. The man to begins to plot the boys death; his corpse would serve as proof to the townspeople.

After plotting for a few weeks, the man devises a way to lure the boy close enough for the man to grab him and drag him away without his parents seeing. Hoping that the aliens didn't have any telepathic powers, he hit the boy in the head with a bat a few times and then threw him in a closet, locking him in. The boy never regained consciousness though and died in the closet that night. After a few days the man finally opened it up to see what had happened. Due to his insanity, he thought that the boy was simply staying quiet in there as a trick, or had turned invisible and somehow walked through the door and away to freedom. Upon finding the dead body, the man decided that perhaps dragging it into town would not be a good idea. Instead, he ate some of the boys leg and buried the rest of the body in the backyard.

That night, the ghost of the alien boy comes back and begins to haunt the old man. Screaming away for hours at night, the man's health quickly deteriorates. Days without sleep go by and eventually the man is so fed up that he stuffs his head in his toaster oven and dies slowly in it's heat. When the alien father comes around to ask for help looking for his son, he finds the mans body and buries it in the backyard. Unbeknownst to the father, his son is right below his feet.

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