Herbert goes on a trip!
August 2005

It had been a long time since I had gone away on vacation so when JCP said I could go on one, I decided to go and visit some friends! Since I didn't have a lot of money, I had to use the money I was saving up to buy myself a giant shoe to sleep in. I had found a few ways to make money doing things like returning beer bottles I found around, collecting Poptart's hair to sell to online people who like that sort of thing, helping Mrs. Foley with chores and letting Mr. Foley hold my tail for a while.

I bought Poptart some pizza the night before I left because I knew that he would cry and miss me very much. I would miss him too but I knew I just had to go see some other friends and give them hugs! Poptart pretended that he didn't care all that much but I knew he was just trying to not make me feel bad for leaving him alone. I gave him a hug goodbye and he promised he wouldn't do anything to my shoe collection in my closet.

Buses are fun! I found one on the street. When I tried to climb on, they wanted me to have change or a ticket. A nice man told me where I could go get change or buy a ticket. He was nice. The bus driver smiled at me!

When the bus moves it makes me giggle! I sat at the back so I could see everyone. There were people on the bus laughing and talking and they had bags of shopping. Some people looked scary but I smiled at them anyway. One even said he liked my tail but he was sort of creepy. I told him that he couldn't touch it because he was a stranger. He told me his name so that we wouldn't be strangers anymore.

One lady gave me an apple after I gave her groceries a hug. It was a yummy apple and I shared it with the little girl who pointed at me and said "Appah". Sharing is fun!

Everyone had nice shoes on! I followed some really nice shoes off the bus while trying to take a photo! It was nice that she stopped and let me have the picture. Her name was Laura. She had a dog named Terry. Terry didn't like me and kept barking. I don't like barking, it scares me. Laura said he wouldn't bite but I was scared so I ran away.

The bus hadn't driven away yet so when I ran away from Terry, I was able to get back on it! The driver told me that running on and off of buses isn't a good idea and that I was lucky he was still there. He didn't want his picture taken because he was working, but I got a secret one of him!

I curled up in the back for a bit and the hum of the bus made me fall asleep! The bus driver woke me up later on and helped me off the bus. He was nice and I liked him. He found a nice lady named Nancy at the bus station and asked her if she would help me find my friends. I didn't know where they lived so Nancy said I could hang out with her!

Nancy had some really nice shoes on! I liked them a lot. She told me that I could stay with her because she has fun roommates and they all have shoes too! When we got there, I saw lots of them at the door! I gave all the shoes a hug before I went inside.

We hung out that night and had lots of fun! Her roommates and friends were lots of fun and they let me take some more pictures of their shoes! They gave me beer and I lounged around on a Canada flag!

When I woke up the next day, a nice girl named Smoke brought out some shoes and let me take pictures of them. She even had a pair that lit up! They were so cool I hugged them over and over! Smoke was so nice and let me touch all the shoes she had!

I bought them all pizza for lunch! Smoke was really happy and invited me to a friends house! I was so happy to be invited and I gave her and all her shoes another hug! Smoke said her friends liked to play music so I was really excited. They let me play drums and everything!

All her friends were really fun and friendly! We stayed there over night and hung out!

I got to play the drum for a while and I had some beer! Then we all got very silly and I hung around on someone's back when we went outside for a walk. Everyone had lots of fun and we danced around until a mean person yelled at us to shut up and go home.

We did go home and hung around talking for a while before I fell asleep curled up on the couch.

Nice day!

The next day I decided that I should continue looking for my friends. Smoke was sad to see me go but she hugged me and wished me good luck. Thanks Smoke! You were lots of fun!

When I went outside I found out it was a really nice day! I wandered around taking pictures and looking around. I even found some shoes that someone had planted flowers in! What a smart idea!

Shoe plants!

Lost shoe?

Then I found a shoe lost on the street! I felt bad it had no home but it told me that it was very happy where it was and that I wasn't allowed to drag it away! So I just dragged it into the bushes and we played for a bit.

Then I found a lost stuffed bunny. He had gotten drunk the night before and hadn't made it home so I helped him and he was very happy! He gave me a hug and told me his name was Floppy.

Floppy the bunny.

Two pairs up there!

When Floppy was home safe (his family was happy to see him but also looked angry that he wasn't home earlier), I went back outside. After a while I saw some shoes high up on the power lines! I jumped up and down to try to reach them but it didn't help.

I was able to climb up and get one pair, but the other were too far out and I was getting scared from being up there because it was getting windy out.

Poor shoes!

I went and hid under a bush for a while until it was sunny again. I missed Poptart and answering questions so I thought maybe I should find a bus and go home. While trying to find one, I asked one guy who was walking by when the bus would be coming by.

His name was Roy and he was nice. He told me that there were no buses nearby but he could walk me to one. So I took his hand and we walked. He asked me what I was was doing walking around on my own and I told him about the fun I had been having. When he heard I liked shoes, he told me that he liked shoes too! He even had a collection! He said that I could go over to his place and see them anytime I wanted! I decided to go there with him right away, his shoe collection sounded wonderful.

Roy lives in a basement apartment. It's great for keeping stacks of shoes! He showed me all the shoes he had, some worn by famous people! I was so excited and he put a bunch on the floor for me to roll in!

I took photos of some of the shoes worn by famous people but I don't remember their names anymore. I got tired very fast and fell asleep on the pile of shoes. When I woke up, I was up high on the kitchen counter and my bottom felt kind of sore. Roy wasn't at home so I think he had to go to work or something. I just left a note thanking him for the fun night and gave him Poptart's address so he can send me the video he was taking when I was playing in the pile of shoes.

Once outside, I walked for a bit looking for a bus but didn't see any. There was a nice building where people were going into, so I thought maybe someone in there could help me get back home. They were all dressed up nice in black outfits and had on some nice shiny shoes!

The first people I asked for help when inside looked at me with frowns so I went into another room where there were people sitting. One lady looked very sad so I went over and gave her legs a hug and told her that it was a nice day outside and she should be happy. She started crying and a mean man yelled at me so I told him off and ran away. I was trying to be nice and they were MEAN! I hope they are all sad for being so mean to me. Luckily there was a bus stop right outside of the mean people place. I told the driver where Poptart lived and he told me that he could get me close to home.

The bus driver laughed as I sang songs during our ride and I gave him a hug goodbye. He said that I was close and if I got lost to go into the video store and ask for help from someone who worked there.

I didn't know which way to go for sure so I went to the video store. There was a girl wearing pretty shoes and when I told her I loved them she showed them off to me. I told her I loved her and she patted my head! She walked me home and I hugged her pretty shoes and feet goodbye.

I had such a fun time and it made me sad when it was all over even though I missed answering questions here from all my friends! Poptart didn't say he missed me but I bet he did! I found out that he's going to Italy and I'm going to be real good so maybe he'll take me. He said there was no way and that monkeys weren't allowed to go to Italy but I'm going to really good so he let's me sneak in with his luggage!

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