An evening with Herbert!

Hi everyone!

Lots of people journals online but I don't have one so I thought I'd come here and show you photos from what it was like during the day for me!

Poptart was nice and helped me by taking pictures because I live with him and can't take pictures of myself without some help! I tried but they didn't come out too well, like this one of my eye! <Giggles>

When Poptart came home, he found me playing in his sock drawer with one of his shoes! I'm glad he didn't get mad but he did get grumpy when he saw I had left a mess in one of his socks. I promised I would clean it out but he told me to just get out of his sock drawer and not to mess up clean socks anymore. He says it costs money to do laundry and I don't have money to give him!

I tried to help out by getting some paper from the bathroom. It was hard to reach and I slipped onto the floor! It didn't hurt too much so I was all tough and pretended I was fine!

Poptart wasn't mad I made a mess of the bathroom! He laughed and said that I am sometimes a cute monkey! Awwww isn't he nice?! <Giggles>

I played in the paper while he took pictures until I told him that I was getting very hungry from all this playing! He said he would clean up the paper in the bathroom for me and I headed into the kitchen to see what there was to eat.

He had got groceries a few days ago so I knew we had yummy food in there to eat!

There was some yummy lasagna in there from the night before! I had to move some things to get to it but I found it! It was under some shiny tinfoil! I bet Poptart wrapped it in that just for me to find!

Even though it was cold, it still tasted yummy! I love lasagna! It's not as yummy as pizza but it is still very yummy! The only thing it needed more of was cheese! You can never have enough cheese!

Mmmmmm cheese! <Giggles>

It was all shredded and mixed in a bag! Poptart came in and said I was bad to eat the lasagna cold but said that I could have a handful of cheese!

It was yummy and I love cheese! Everyone should be given free bags of shredded cheese so that everyone is happy! I think I will get my mom some cheese for her birthday!

After he made our lasagna hot, we watched TV for the rest of the night! Poptart is fun!

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