Take it back.
By JCP & Dave & DC
Inspired by a true story.

take it back

She bought a new computer.
She brought in the old one.
He told her that she had to take the old computer home with her.
She said she would.
She went out to the car.
He said he would bring it out to her.
He went and got the computer and brought it out.
She drove off before he could give her the computer.
She did this on purpose.
He got upset.
She laughed as she drove off.
He threw the computer on the ground and it broke into many pieces.
He picked up all the pieces and went to her house.
He threw the pieces at her house and left.
She gathered the pieces, put them in a bag and left it at his door.
He melted the pieces into a large ball and threw it through her windshield.
She collected the glass pieces of her windshield and glued them to the ball so it looked like a flower and mailed it to him on valentine's day.
He fired it out of a canon through the front window of her house.
She finally decided to keep her old computer.