From the second I lay eyes on her, I know that her and I will share something special together.
Her hair is a beautiful jet black, and her skin seems flawless.  My co-worker Jonathan introduces us, telling me her name, Kate. A thousand voices sing her name in my head, and my heart nearly stops.  I nod at her, and then turn to get back to my work. Luckily enough Jonathan leaves again without saying anything more; I couldn’t speak if I tried.

I have to get myself under control.  My hands have begun to sweat and I can feel her in the room with me.
I close my eyes and force myself to focus.  The next hour is spent in total silence, me refusing to be distracted by her as I work.

Jonathan enters the room again, informing me that he is going home.  I say goodbye to him and as the door closes behind him, I realize that her and I will be alone in the building for the rest of the evening. I struggle with myself, trying to figure out a way to begin getting to know her.  What can I possibly say to her without sounding like a fool?

I tell myself that I will just do this, or that I would hate myself forever if I don’t.  I know that we will only have tonight to be together. I know that if I don't do something now that she will leave tomorrow and I will never see her again.  I swallow my fears and approach her. She doesn’t move, so I smile at her and try to look friendly.  Her beautiful eyes stare back at me, inviting me closer.

Her lips are so perfect, so pale and I just have to kiss them.  I lean in and softly kiss her.  She doesn’t resist.
I open my eyes to stare into hers, her beauty sending my mind into a daze.  As if drunk with her essence, 
I kiss her again and again, having to kiss every inch of flesh I can.  There is no stopping and I make love to her right there. We lay in blissful silence for a while before the phone rings.  It is Jonathan, and he has forgotten his wallet inside his office. His key to the building is in his wallet and he needs me to let him in.  Quickly making sure everything is as it should be,  I then let Jonathan in.  He doesn’t seem to suspect anything and leaves after retrieving his wallet.

It is later then I had thought, and I am late for dinner plans I have made.  I quickly go to Kate and give her a kiss,
 telling her I’ll see her tomorrow to complete my work and say goodbye forever.  I lock the door behind me as I leave,
shutting off all the lights within.  I walk to my car, still thinking about Kate’s perfect body in my arms.
I can still feel her cold kiss on my lips.  I know that I would never forget Kate and her beautiful body; but instead cherish each second we had shared forever.

I return to work the following day and pretend like nothing has happened, hiding all my feelings for her as I work. Not a word is said as Jonathan comes to collect her.   I watch her leave with him,  silently screaming on the inside for her to stay just one more night with me.  I know that she can’t, and that we will never be together again.  I had seen the paperwork and know where she is going with Jonathan. The flames will take her away from me forever, turning her beautiful corpse to dust, erasing all evidence of our love forever. I know that this is what must happen, as she has begun to stiffen.

Jonathan returns and tells me that there was a fatal car accident involving some teenage girls during the night. I guess I’ll be doing some overtime and getting to know a few new friends; maybe even fall in love again.