Clapping in frustration
By DC at the request of Empriss Nikon.

He was so mean.
He had yelled at her.
She didn't want to clean her room.
She liked it the way it was.

'I'm not a brat!" she screamed at him. "don't yell at me or I'll turn you into dust!"
"the hell you will" screamed her dad as he stabbed the wall with the large horn protruding from his face.
"stop putting holes in my wall!" she said throwing pineapples at him.
One stuck to his horn and he began to clap in frustration.
"That's it! I'm gonna roast your ass dad." She pulled out her trusty flame-thrower and aimed it at him.
"Wait! But I'm not your dad, I'm your uncle."

He was her uncle.
He had lied to her.
She hated him.
She would turn him to dust.

Spraying him with the flames from her flame-thrower,
the man who was not her dad but her uncle screamed and twisted on the floor in pain and on fire.
She laughed and took a deep sniff of the wonderful smell of burnt flesh.
After lighting fire to the house and killing a few small children,
she decided that she would wait on the curb for her mother to return home from work.