Kitty Litter Death
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There was some concern that leaving a peep in the kitty litter for any longer than a day might not only lead to it being pissed on, but perhaps sticking to the paw of the cat and being dragged around the place. Not wanting to cause that sort of mess (even though it would be funny), the peep was only left in litter for a day.

Due to privacy issues with the cat, I couldn't install a camera or take photos to actually SEE the peep being pissed/shit on. It does appear that it was indeed shit on. While the peep was incredibly offended by this entire event, it was still quite healthy and alive. It ranted on and on about how rude I was, how offended it was and how only twisted freaks would find this kind of thing funny.

So I stuck pins in it until it was quiet.
(It's an animated gif so you might have to wait a second to download)

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