Death by Jeep
Carried out by Mzebonga
Man owes the foundation of modern civilization to two discoveries, fire and the wheel. The significance of this is not lost on us here at TheInsaneDomain and we decided to put them to good practice. How so? Well, by killing Peeps with them. I give to you our latest death, Vechicle.

Curiously, this was actually my first confirmed Peep kill, executed while in Canada with the assistance of JCP and Ver. It all started one quiet Friday afternoon whilst JCP and I were playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Ver came in to the flat and informed us that his vehicle had itself a flat tyre. Not being ones to miss the opportunity to squash a Peep, we offered to help him change it over in return for his participation in our murderous scheme.

During the process of jacking the jeep up, I conceived the plan to slowly lower it onto the Peeps head rather than just run it down. And we duly did this.

At some point we decided that the squashed Peep was a happy camper.

Once, fully squashed, Ver backed the jeep up and we had to hunt high and low for the Peep; it just wasn’t there anymore. It was stuck in the grooves of the tyre – squashed flat.

Deciding that we needed some better pictures, we peeled it off and took some snapshots before Ver reversed over it again.

The Peep was never seen again after that. Given that I was taken to the airport that very evening, I can only imagine that its flattened carcass has joined the other road kill on the way into Toronto Pearson. Knowing the rate at which those horrible things decompose, it’s probably still there. A diligent fan could probably find it and sell it on eBay (for diligent read “obsessive and stupid”).

Go ask him questions about this.

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