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Originally a member of BogGoblin, JCP managed to lure George into the tangled fold of TheInsaneDomain.

Movies: Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, STAR WARS (Quite a lot), Dogma, Lemony Snickett’s, Interview With a Vampire

TV Shows: I refuse to watch TV; I dislike the idea of ruling your entertainment by what time it falls on, but I have many DVDs of TV shows, like Red Dwarf, South Park, Family Guy, Auf Weidersehen Pet, Spaced, The Simpsons and Little Britain.

Books / Authors: Meh, I guess, Anne Rice, Mordechai Richler (Yeah don’t fucking brag, I know he’s Canadian), Dave Gorman, Tony Hawks (He’s not a fucking skateboarder), Lindsey Davis (Brit writer, writes about an ancient roman detective, good shit), Ben Elton, Joseph Heller, any star wars book, but of course the best book written in our sweet, sweet tongue is 1984 by George Orwell.

Music: Pink Floyd, U2, Faithless, Robbie Williams, REM, Roxy Music, Silverchair, Green Day, Travis, Rachmaninov, Alanis (Marry me bitch), Staind, The Verve, The Music, Nirvana, Sting.

Hobbies: I like my sword, well both, Nyx and Mr Proddy are their names. I collect star wars merch. And I will soon be joining Mzebonga on the Star Wars Galaxies “Flurry” server. I love sentiment, and I also love studying (In my Case English Literature as my Major and Biological Psychology as a minor).

I’m also desperate to marry any random Canadian floozy for a Canadian Passport, you get an English one into the bargain, which means you can live ANYWHERE in Europe without paperwork. Also you get ME. Maybe.