Females are humans too.
11/25/05 - by JCP -

It sucks to be female. For millions of years the most oppressed people on the planet have been women. From being sold off as wives to asshole husbands to being forced to carry kids after being raped, and even the current issue of men not wanting to wear condoms because they don't FEEL as good. If you're having sex and worried about having a kid, that's not enjoying sex and when you're not enjoying it, it's almost rape isn't it. Women have suffered for years. No matter the race, culture or whatever, it seems that more often than not, women get the short end of the stick.

According to a recent article, 1 in 6 women suffers from domestic abuse. ONE IN SIX. That's just obscene. When the world is ruled by those who claim to be religious and have gods of love and mercy, how the hell can this be going on? It's sickening. And the tragic part, people let this carry on. The neighbors that don't want to get involved, the wives themselves being scared to speak up and the families who know this shit goes on and do NOTHING.

Women can be warriors, hunters and everything else men are. The reason they'd be left at home thousands of years ago was because they were the carriers of the children, the FUTURE. They were left there to be PROTECTED and to let the race continue safely. We are not animals that need to be cared for and told what to do. Why are young girls handed dolls to care for as tots while boys are handed trucks? We're being pre-programmed to be mommy's and men are pre-programmed to "fix things". It's sickening. We are BOTH humans and capable of doing anything. Why not hand BOTH toys to both the children? Why not teach boys how to care for things, their own offspring as well as the women? Why not teach girls how to fix things and rely on themselves? Any parent that continues this is guilty of the same sexist view that currently suppresses women everywhere.

We are ALL human beings. We ALL experience love, hate, joy and pain. Our skin color and gender doesn't change this. If anything, the women should be treated better because WE carry on the race. It has never made sense to me that the MALE of the species is considered the one to carry on the name and bloodline. Before recent times, you really had no SURE way of knowing who the father was, but you sure knew who carried it and pushed it out. The bloodlines carry on because of women, not men. Not to say they don't have their part but it sure as hell isn't men who have to give it the healthy start in life for 9 months. All men have to do is get off. Women have to have a living thing INSIDE them and FEEL it. Women aren't here to simply push out men's children, WE ARE HUMANS. (For the record, we don't ALL want them either.)

People will get all upset about children or animals being harmed, but fail to step in when adults are concerned. Abuse is abuse and this shit needs to STOP. Sickening isn't the word for all this. It makes my blood boil. While I never want to have kids, I understand what a huge ordeal it is. It's a human being being made inside another and BOTH have feelings. How anyone feels justified harming another, especially the person they are breeding with is beyond me. That being said, there are women out there who beat and verbally abuse their husbands. That is no more acceptable than women being treated that way.

I sincerely hope that anyone who ever harms another intentionally via abuse suffers horribly as they die.
If you see abuse going on or hear about it, you DO something about it or you are as guilty as the one doing the beating.