Stupidity in droves.
6/16/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Earlier this afternoon, my girlfriend pointed this out to me.

You know what I find most humourous about these unenlightened imbeciles? Most of them contradict themselves.

They're all considered radical right: no separation of religion and state, hatred and murdering gays, patriarchal societies, anti-contraception, kill everyone who doesn't believe in our beliefs; however, they don't even agree with eachother.

First, there's white supremacists, and people who insist the white race is the only "clean" race, and that all others should be exterminated. Unfortunately, they've got some company over there in cuckoo land that are black people! *gasp* The humanity! (Pun intended.)

Then, many of them use the word "free" to symbolise Christianity. Compiled from all of their nonsense, they disallow:

- Choice of religion
- Sex for any purpose other than procreation
- Homosexuality
- Not persecuting homosexuals
- Pornography
- Using science -- at all

That sounds like a whole lot of freedom to me. Wow!

There's two huge problems I have with these idiots -- I mean, above the obvious.

First, there's this automatic connection that if you're gay, you're also a polygamist, incestual, animal fucking sicko. And the whole, "if you're not a catholic, you're being controlled by satan!" mentality.

Second, there's the fact that most of the images of these people are in suits, in good jobs, on TV, or in elected positions in the American political system. How did someone that blatantly dumb get into such a good position? And if you try and tell me that they did because they're "God's advocates" and got placed there because of that, then get off my site and don't ever come back: you're as braindead as they are. I'm simply puzzled at the fact that these people haven't died from some obscene act of blatant stupidity yet -- Ann Coulter seems like the kind of woman you wouldn't be surprised to find dead in her bathroom after an unfortunate mishap involving a dildo and a cordless drill.

How fucking stupid can these people be? AIDS is a guardian? Then what about all those straight, white people who got it from their husbands because the husband got a tainted blood transfusion? Are they just casualties of war?

Oh, right, of course they are! "God" forbid you kill a 3 month old fetus consisting mostly of goo, but if we gotta kill a few thousand of ourselves and others in the process of an unjust war, then God is on our side!

It's times like these that I kind of wish there actually was a "Jesus Christ" and a "God" up there waiting in heaven for these idiots. Then, when they die, they could go to heaven only for 10 minutes, to be met by "St. Peter", or the big guy himself to have them go, "you stupid, fucking, retarded, idiotic, clown. You killed thousands of civilians in the name of your country, you oppressed women, you persecuted gays -- because, of course, they decided to be gay -- and were just generally a complete asshat. I had you come up here when you died just so I could tell you how stupid you were and why you're going to Hell. You fucked up bad."

You have to love how these people have a book that cannot be proven as to its origin, source, translation accuracy, or truth, and they'll take it as the basis of their lives, but give them scientific proven results, and they insist you haven't done your homework.

If their God is so just, and so forgiving, and so decent, why would he persecute gays, muslims, jews, athiests, sodomites, <insert other minority or bible-unapproved act here> for doing what they honestly believed was right and true? A young child is born in Islam, is raised on the teachings of the Qu'ran, never hears of Christianity or what it even means, lives a long, healthy, good life, respects his elders, brushes his teeth before bed every night, and loves his parents and children, and dies. Is he going to hell because he didn't believe in your almighty God?

Right, I thought so.