Take Your Botox and Shove It
July/05 by McDiablo

"'Beauty is truth, truth beauty.'"
John Keats

Some dead white guy wrote those words and literature snobs still wonder about their meaning. I say, "Who cares?" Let's think about how those words have mutated in the 21 st century.

We live in an age of great medical breakthroughs. No, there isn't a cure for cancer, but you can get a nose job. No, there isn't a cure for AIDS, but you can get a chin implant.

We are drowning in collagen and choking on botox.

I never understood 'Extreme Makeover' until I found the comedy in it. These people practically throw themselves on an operating table in hopes of curing their low self-esteem. The sheer lunacy of it all makes it quite humorous--and sad.

Why do people agree to be poked, prodded or cut into when they aren't dying? If your face has been smashed to bits then, yeah, have some surgery done, but sorry, lady, I won't feel for you when you cry about the size of your nose.

There was a woman on 'Oprah' who had many appearance altering operations and blamed it on an obsessive compulsive disorder. What happened to those who have to wash their hands constantly? Methinks they are a dying breed.

The first 20 pages of magazines aimed at teenage girls and women are dedicated to various brands of lotions, facial scrubs and moisturizers. Toothpaste commercials now focus on making your teeth "whiter" as opposed to preventing cavities.

What is beauty? That's your opinion, but I also think it's a universal opinion. We all have this thought on what beauty is and it's similar to what a lot of others think.

Firm abs. No cellulite. Pert nose. Straight teeth.

"Beauty is truth."

Sorry, Mr. Keats, but it seems as though beauty is what strives one to lie.