Sex : You want fries with that?
10/4/05 - by Mzebonga
This girl got off the bus the other day. She was wearing a short skirt, had nice legs, a nice ass. Nice face. As she got off the bus and turned to walk back along the length of the bus... I saw her SCHOOL BLAZER. This whole thing is seriously out of hand. Granted, my guess would be that this chick was a 6th former and 17 or so but, still, it's getting increasingly hard to tell where the fuck the line is. That is never a good thing.

Guys drool over chicks. Because their brains are in constand battle. Seriously, it sucks; you try and be caring and understanding when you're getting alternate orders of "SHAG! SHAG! SHAG!!!!" It's constant. You're talking to some chick at work and you get "what does she look like naked?" In all honesty, a guy will have subconsciously done this before even opening their mouth to start a conversation - it's like a snapshot that helps them balance out whether or not they want to continue the conversation.

The point to remember is that most guys either keep that in check or are open about it and put their foot straight in their mouth (For example: "Nice legs, what time to they open?"). It's only a VERY small percentage that can't cope with it.

I struggle with this whole thing because I think the "SHAG!! SHAG!! SHAG!!" orders should be obeyed. But I'm one of these increasingly old-fashioned types that thinks that you shouldn't just shag for the sake of a shag.

And after so long of trying to make the SHAG! orders mean something and, therefore, passing up the easy conquests, you start to get to the point where you're fidgeting. You just kinda want the next person who walks up to you to be a viable shag option so that the incessant screaming in your skull goes away.

Which brings me to my point, guys on the whole are being inundated by sex. It's on posters, it's in songs and every form of media in the world is currently spewing it forth 24/7. I'm not standing up and demanding the ceasation of all sexual content in modern media - I'm not from the US bible belt! - but I am worried about the "sexed-up" nature of kids half my age. They seem to be shagging everything and anything - I was struggling with the embarrassment of kissing a girl at that age... That might say more about me than it says about modern kids; I don't know.

By fair means or foul, this sort of culture is seeping into society adults are slowly absorbing it/taking it to be the norm and kids are starting to live it out. It's not healthy. Yes, we all have sex sometimes but we don't have to have it all the time, it's not a way to fill every spare hour between school and dinner or before you head out to work. There are other things.

If I were a bit more militant about this, I might advocate a reduction in the proliferation of images and movies of semi/totally naked chicks. That would probably be a good thing. Sadly, while I don't objectify women, I'm not a strong enough man not to look if they want to appear that sort of media presentation.

What can I say? I'm sorry.