Natural Selection
5/30/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

Since the beginning of life, every species has endured "natural selection". In natural selection, the weakest members of the herd are eliminated, and the herd gets collectively stronger. The slowest or sickest animal is usually the first to be caught and consumed by its prey. The healthier animals breed more, since they're more likely to mate. The true alphas continue to live, and be the animals that breed the future generations.

Our society has completely eliminated it. Our society is even going backwards in some ways. Power used to go to the strongest and/or smartest member of the herd. Now it goes to the illegitimate child of the CEO who couldn't keep it in his pants one night in Korea and knocked up a hooker.

I realise I'm treading thin ice with this, but if global warming, thermo-nuclear war, or the holes in the ozone layer don't kill us, I'm entirely convinced the proliferation of viruses (that continue to evolve using natural selection) will morph into something most of our immune systems cannot handle, and no amount of anti-biotics can do anything about, and turn our insides to mush.

The vast majority of people die of old age now. If you get hurt by your own blatant stupidity, there's a good chance you can sue someone else for it, and live like a king for the rest of your life. Our planet is grossly over-populated, and the problem is only getting worse. Natural selection is no longer allowed to run its course. If a child is born with an allergy to peanuts that will kill them should they come into its very scent, what do we do? We pass laws disallowing kids from bringing any peanut based product of any kind to school! I remember taking peanut butter sandwiches to school when I was a kid. I can't imagine not sending my children to school without them, either.

No matter how stupid some people get, unnecessary safety devices are created to protect them from themselves.

The problem that happens now, is that the people who would normally survive regardless of natural selection are taking on one of two mentalities; they're either saying 'fuck it' and offing themselves because they can no longer handle the overrun of morons -- although one might be inclined to think such an action makes them weak, and I might be inclined to agree with them. The other mentality is, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". So the smart, brilliant, strong, or talented men are just finding and marrying and making children with big tittied bimbos who's flopping boobs would have kept them from surviving in the wild, since they'd bounce up and slap them in the face with every step they took running away from a predator.

Our society as a whole tolerates entirely too much stupidity. There will always be groups of people, but the sheer difference between the smartest in our society, and the dumbest is absurd.

As we move into the future, everything else around us will continue to evolve, but we'll continue to stagnate at the level we've been at since the beginning of civilisation. This will, in the end, (if we don't do ourselves in before then), mean our end.

Either that, or it will kill off the bottom 80% or so, and the 20% remaining will be left to start over.

There's nothing wrong, dishonourable, or sad about dying due to natural selection. It's called nature. Maybe the issue at-hand is the negative stigma we've attached to death. Sure, no one wants to die, but when someone passes away, there's nothing tragic about it at all -- unless they were killed by a stupid person.