11/06/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

There's this wonderful new site called

Did I say wonderful? I meant lame.

If everyone on told the truth about their lives, then there's about 35 million millionaires who actually get laid in the United States.

People that would normally kill themselves in a hopeless case of whiney worthlessness now have somewhere to congregate and make eachother feel like they're worth more than the gunk that forms between most people's toes after a difficult day.

Myspace basically takes livejournal, and adds a superficial loser-network to it, allowing you to garner yourself 'friends' like you never could back in highschool.

What's most unsettling about it is it's given people who should never, ever, ever breed the ability to find like-minded losers who will procreate with them.

I'll never forgive myspace for ruining the word 'kudos' forever, either.

Myspace is like a Star Wars convention, only the people at a Star Wars convention are much cooler.

I say, fuck the collective circle-jerk that is myspace, and all its loser members. If you need meaningless kudos from a loser, go visit your Mom.