Internet Self-Worth.
9/25/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

There once was a time when there was no such thing as a blog or messageboards.

Since the proliferation of both of these items, it seems everyone on the Internet has developed this insane sense of self-worth.

Every time someone has something terrible happen to them, there's some other jackass ready to spew off 20 lines of amateur dribble they call poetry.

Every time a girl gets dumped, she jumps on the Internet and blogs about it, and receives, "aww, I'd date you if I wasn't 3000km away" messages of condolences from 300lb 40 year olds in Arkansas.

Every messageboard has turned into a territorial pissing contest where the only purpose, nearest I can tell, is to jump on the back of anyone new, and protect one's digital identity from intruders.

Recently, a gentleman I had only mostly heard of, and spoke with on a messageboard shot a mother of two in the face, and then killed himself. Instantly, a board I only read when I was bored (and don't even do that often now) was filled with posts of people speaking of how 'gentle', and 'sweet' and 'caring' of a human being he was, and spewed poetry that would make Tom Green gag.

None of these fucking clownshoes took more than half a second to realise that the crazy fucking bastard SHOT A MOTHER OF TWO IN THE FACE. He killed himself, and I say, thanks for removing your sorry ass from the gene pool, and not breeding. Also, thanks for the extra oxygen.

People start IRC channels and actually hold monthly MEETINGS about the state of the channel! If you don't know what IRC is, imagine your local liquor store on welfare cheque day, and toss in some teenagers who couldn't get laid if they had $100 bills hanging out of their zipper, and you have the general population of IRC.

Nearest I can tell, is these people just need some reason to validate their pathetic existence.

Whatever happened to whining into your diary that you hid under your bed for everyone in the family to find, read, and ridicule? Now everyone in the WORLD can find, read and ridicule.

For every 5 people who (seem) to care about you and your stupid antics, there's 50 laughing their asses off at your stupidity.