Gas prices.
9/1/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

This rant isn't a rant about gas prices per se. It's a rant about all those whiny bastards out there complaining about gas prices and how they're too high.

According to the American Energy Information Administration, unleaded regular gasoline was $1.53 USD a gallon in 1976 (the first year unleaded fuel was available). According to an inflation calculator, gas should now be in the range of $5.25 USD a gallon in the United States.

People in the United States are complaining about what, a jump TO $3.50 and the possibility of reaching $4.00 a gallon?

Here we aren't much better, either. It's $1.26 CAD/L which works out to about $4.02 USD per gallon. We have it worse than the states, but it's still not show-stopping expensive. There're people in the UK and Europe paying upwards of the equivalent of $7.00 USD a gallon!

Instead of complaining about gas prices, many people could try buying vehicles that don't get 10mpg, walking more often, and grouping errands together so they don't have to drive so much.

If you want to save money, keep your car in tune, turn off the AC if it isn't necessary, and CHECK YOUR TIRE PRESSURE. Oh yea, and don't leave the damned thing idling while you run in the store for smokes, either.

There is absolutely no excuse for complaining about gas prices if you drive an SUV or gas guzzling vehicle, either. If you need the vehicle for business, it's (for the most part) an inconsequential write-off for you. If you're a soccer Mom who has the vehicle to look cool or fit in, then please walk in front of a train, it'd do the rest of us a favour, mmmk?

Gas is a commodity. No amount of bitching, complaining, griping, or whining is going to change its price. Just shut your mouth and pay the price, or sell your car.