Female teachers having sex with their students.
11/22/05 - by drunkennewfiemidget -

There's been a rash of teachers having sex with their teenaged students recently, which begs the question: WHY DIDNT I HAVE ANY HOT YOUNG FEMALE TEACHERS THAT WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH ME?!

Some lucky 14-year-old SOB got to hit this. This also makes me wonder something else: why did he tell? If I was him, I'd be getting some of that again and again and again until I either got caught, or she realised I was a pimply-faced dork and stopped doing me.

Why are these women being labelled as sexual predators and having their teaching certificates taken away for making every teenage boy's dream come true? I'm sure the boys were all to eager to oblige. I know I would have been!

None of my teachers looked like that. NONE.

And yes, I realise I am being unfair and patriarchal when I make no mention of male teachers having sex with female students.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what these women are doing. That 14 year old boy isn't going to need counselling, he's going to have a story to tell drinking buddies until he dies. Where is the victim in this?! The only victim is the rest of us that didn't get any sexual outlet when we were 14, much less from a gorgeous teacher.

This isn't a crime. Lets try and label this for what it is: hot